Monday, 4 August 2014

Down to work Monday

Sunny morning but a cool breeze, pity I have no more laundry to do.

Monday routine re-established now we have the house more or less as we want it. If I could stop the wandering carpet everything would by great. So bedrooms, landing and bathroom cleaned.

We will take the car into Morrisons tomorrow and then walk to the library, OH will stay and do some more research, I will walk back to the car via the market for fruit and veg, nip in to Morrisons for yogurt for OH and then come home, he will come home on the bus later.

Either Wednesday or Thursday will be my sewing day and Friday is sitting room and kitchen day. So we will see how it all works.

DB retired to bed with a dizzy, the first for 43 days, got to be some sort of record!!

DD2 came this afternoon, we were sat in the garden drinking tea and eating chocolate chip cookies when a head popped over the wall at the side of the garden. We had been talking about cutting down some plants that were coming over the wall, the lady was chopping them off. DB had quite a conversation with her, It turned out that our little close of houses is built on a site where there was a garage and allotments. Our house is actually where the garage was........

Supper tonight chicken casserole, potato, carrots, green beans and cauli flower. Apple an black berry crumble for dessert with some cream.


  1. What an interesting day you've had with your new cleaning routine, DD2's nice visit, and the conversation with your neighbor about what used to be on that land.

    Sorry about the dd, but that is a great record. Did DB use/eat/drink/handle any chemical or product today for the first time in 43 days that could account for the dd happening? I know it's wishful thinking that I'd find a cause for the dds from this great distance, but I keep thinking about it!

    Dinner and dessert sound yummy!


  2. As always, you are so organised. Wish I could take a leaf out of your book!
    Hopefully, it wasn't a commercial garage where your house is built, although I'm sure if it was, all precautions will have been taken at the time. I would have enjoyed your dinner tonight too.


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