Sunday, 24 August 2014

Busy Sunday

Earlyish up this morning, coloured load washed, also stripped the bed ready for the new electric blanket and clean bed linen.

It was bright first thing but clouded over whilst I was washing the bed linen, go away rain!!

Cooked the shoulder of lamb for lunch, we had a couple of the mini sponge puddings for dessert.

Set off for Argos to collect the blanket and also an HDMI cable for the TV, then went on to the garden. It was once the vicarage for the parish church but was bought in 2009 and having spent 12 months doing up the house they started on the garden. A shady garden with a lot of mature trees a couple of water features and a pond.

Railway sleepers put to good use to form a corner bed.

Lots of different views of the house and gardens as you walk round the circular path.

Beautiful red old fashioned rose.

Grand children's wendy house in a shaded corner,

Princess Diana clematis.

Fabulous sunflower.

Kitchen garden in the yard by the back door.

We had a very nice cup of tea sitting in the garden, two ladies joined us and then the owners Mother came out to talk to DB, she was born in Dundee.

We went on to DD2's to 'meet the girlfriend', all went well, she is very quiet but I guess she was a bit overawed by the company. Lovely tea. DGS had made a focaccia which was very nice, ham eggs and cheese rolls, sausage rolls, crisps, Eton mess and scones with jam and cream.

DGS and girlfriend left shortly afterwards. 

DD2 packed us up with a couple of doggie bags for lunch tomorrow and we came home.

Bed remade with clean bed linen and the new blanket put on the bed, so tonight we shuld get into a warm bed.

Forecast is not good for tomorrow, so glad I did the laundry today.


  1. Indeed, you and DB had a busy, busy day today but what a lot was accomplished, then the delight of the garden open for touring, and a fine tea with family! How wonderful to anticipate a good sleep in a clean and warm bed and a yummy meal of delicious leftovers to eat tomorrow.

    The garden photos was lovely and I appreciate your taking us along.

    It's been breezy, cool, and intermittently overcast here with periods of blazing sunshine. I hope to go next door to finish the borders on Janice's SIC quilt but am waiting to hear back when it would be a good time for me to do that.


  2. Anne, I love your cups on your shelf.
    It is nice to have fun things to do.


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