Sunday, 31 August 2014

The End of a Week

The herbaceous bed is planted up with all the plants that are going in for now. I will be putting daffs in shortly and also planting up the two containers on the front with flowers for the spring. Hands and nails in a mess again, never mind a couple of days and they will be sorted. 

I have tried wearing gloves to garden in but find they are just too clumsy, I need to feel the plants as I put them in.

Chap came at lunchtime with the sky box from freecycle, so I  can fix up the bedroom TV if DB has to spend any time in bed.

The damson jam has set well, my friend Cotton Reel tells me she has some victoria plums for me, she is going to freeze them, so Plum jam coming up as well.

It was quite warm outside this morning but by 3pm it was starting to cool down, a sure sign autumn is on its way.

Pork for supper, I have made an apple and blackberry crumble for dessert, it will last us a couple of days.

I was asked about treating the grass, we use evergreen feed and weed. DB puts it on the grass  at least 3 days after it has been cut. If it does not rain within 24 hours you have to water it in. Then just leave it and the moss goes black and the other weeds go brown. After a couple of weeks scarify it with a rake and the weeds and moss will come out. At this point if you need to you can sow grass seed. You can get an autumn mix for sowing now. We use canes and black thread to stop the birds form eating the seed before it has time to germinate. Once we get a reasonable amount of rain any parched grass will green up again.

By the spring you should have a nice lawn. Thats the time to give it a feed ready for the summer.

Any grass, weeds etc you scarify out of the grass should be put in the dustbin not in your compost heap, it will kill everything off thats in the bin.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Sunny Saturday

Its been a sunny day, quite a breeze though it dried the laundry fine, just folded it and most can be put straight away, just a shirt of DB's to be added to the ironing pile.

When I cam back from Cotton Reels yesterday I brought with me a bag of lavender to strip and some damsons. DB ate a couple last night the rest I have turned into jam this afternoon, I used the pressure cooker, I no longer have a jam pan, I do not make enough jam to warrant buying one. The worst bit was fishing the stones out, some have escaped, I saw then tumbling into the jars.

We walked to Tesco this morning to get a TV magazine, with not going into the market I didn't pick one up as I usually do. DB had a letter to post, could not find a letter box, but saw the postman, it was stamped so he took it.

DB cut the front grass, there is a lot of clover in it, all being well he will treat the back grass next week and then do the front. Needless to say none of the plants have been put in, they will have to wait for another day.

Ham fritatta and salad for supper, I think we might finish off the bananas tonight.

Friday, 29 August 2014


Late posting today, have just got back from my friends after a nightmare journey home. Two accidents one on the A46 and one in Melton badly affected the traffic. I managed to get off the A46 only to run into jams coming through the back roads from the town.

It poured with rain all the way home. OH had been fine whilst I was out.

Hair cut, so my hair is now more manageable, not flopping all over the place.

SSE have sent a letter to say that our gas and electric would be going over to them on 4th September.....Bye by E-on.

We had fish with mash and peas for supper, bananas for dessert.

I came home with a bag of lavender to strip and also 3 lbs of damsons, I feel some jam coming on. I also have some marmalade to make, its ages since we had any.

Thursday, 28 August 2014


Rained as we drove to Grantham this morning, by the time we got to Aldi it had stopped.

Large store and plenty of shoppers. DB did my quilting guru's shop for her, whilst I concentrated on ours. DD2 had got 2 daily mirror's so we got coupons for some stuff, pus £5 off a £40 shop, mine was £64.62 so the £5 came in handy. DD2 also donated her fuel points from Tesco so I filled the car up for £21.

Sun was out when we got home and DB espied the window cleaner in the street, so we got the windows cleaned, cost the same as at Asfordby, so thats ok, comes every 6 - 8 weeks.

All the shopping put away. Soup and sandwiches for lunch enough left for DB to have soup tomorrow.

DB cut the grass and we sorted a few more plants I will put tem in on Saturday of its fine. Started to rain so gardening suspended for today.

Meatballs and bacon tonight, not sure about dessert yet.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Bright, blowy morning. Towels out on the line.

Herbaceous border plants in and more pots placed, I put in 40 plants this morning, more to come and the daffodil bulbs to plant out in October.

I am shattered, my hands and nails are disgraceful and my muscles screaming, but the first part is done. Pain killers and a manicure me thinks.

The soil is clay, bright yellow clay, I also found a lot of broken cement, I think the builders had smashed up the floor of the garage that stood where our house is and buried it under topsoil. I am glad I decided to do the job today the fact that we had quite a bit of rain made the soil heavy but easier to dig than if it was baked hard by the sun.

Towels were dry by lunch time, so folded and put away.

Supper tonight eggs, wedges and beans. Banana for dessert.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

What a Grey Day!!

It poured with rain yesterday all day and all night, so everything is very wet.

Did a full freezer a cupboard audit, as I suspected we need meat, not much of any use left in the freezer.

DB retired to bed with a dizzy during the morning. He is supposed to be bowling this afternoon, was expecting a phone call to say its off, the green will be saturated. The match was played DB lost but not too badly, so honour is upheld. He brought home some apple mint, one piece of which has a few roots on, so it has been potted up fingers crosses it will grow.

Put the pressure cooker on with the blade bone from the lamb, onions and soup mix to make scotch broth. I had a tin of carrots in the cupboard so decided to put them in when it finished cooking. Next month I will have to look at tinned/dry stuff in case we get bad weather and cannot get out in the winter.

It fined up for a while after lunch I washed the the under blanket from our bed, it dried fairly quickly, so its folded up and in the airing cupboard. Towels in the machine to wash in the morning, hopefully they will dry.

Chap coming to measure up for the new windows and back door later when he has finished the job he is on, so it might be supper time before he gets here.

Mince and dough balls for supper tonight, we have some bananas to eat so that's dessert sorted.

Monday, 25 August 2014

The Sky Is Weeping

It was raining when we got up and it is still raining, a very grey day.

Last night we put the blanket on when we went up to bed and by the time we got in, it was toastie warm for the feet. It was switched off then. No more power used than it would have taken to heat the water for hotties.

Monday clean done, its a lot quicker here than in the old aparment.......

Glad I did the laundry yesterday, I got it all dry, just need to iron the sheets and pillowcases and that jobs done.

I am hoping by wednesday the ground will have dried up a bit and we can start putting the plants in the herbaceous border, then I will be able to see the empty spaces better.

DB went for hs siesta, I had a quick snooze on the settee. Its turned quite cold in the rain.

Supper tonight cold lamb salad and plum crumble. We have rolls from yesterday  for our lunch, we brought doggie bags home with us.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Busy Sunday

Earlyish up this morning, coloured load washed, also stripped the bed ready for the new electric blanket and clean bed linen.

It was bright first thing but clouded over whilst I was washing the bed linen, go away rain!!

Cooked the shoulder of lamb for lunch, we had a couple of the mini sponge puddings for dessert.

Set off for Argos to collect the blanket and also an HDMI cable for the TV, then went on to the garden. It was once the vicarage for the parish church but was bought in 2009 and having spent 12 months doing up the house they started on the garden. A shady garden with a lot of mature trees a couple of water features and a pond.

Railway sleepers put to good use to form a corner bed.

Lots of different views of the house and gardens as you walk round the circular path.

Beautiful red old fashioned rose.

Grand children's wendy house in a shaded corner,

Princess Diana clematis.

Fabulous sunflower.

Kitchen garden in the yard by the back door.

We had a very nice cup of tea sitting in the garden, two ladies joined us and then the owners Mother came out to talk to DB, she was born in Dundee.

We went on to DD2's to 'meet the girlfriend', all went well, she is very quiet but I guess she was a bit overawed by the company. Lovely tea. DGS had made a focaccia which was very nice, ham eggs and cheese rolls, sausage rolls, crisps, Eton mess and scones with jam and cream.

DGS and girlfriend left shortly afterwards. 

DD2 packed us up with a couple of doggie bags for lunch tomorrow and we came home.

Bed remade with clean bed linen and the new blanket put on the bed, so tonight we shuld get into a warm bed.

Forecast is not good for tomorrow, so glad I did the laundry today.

Saturday, 23 August 2014


Bright and sunny early on but it soon clouded over.

DB playing bowls this afternoon so bacon sandwiches at lunch time, he will get a tea, so I will find myself something for supper.

I might spend some time up in the sewing room later.

Lamb prepared for tomorrows lunch, will have to be up so we get lunch at a reasonable time, we are going to a local garden open day on the way to DD2's.

Re the shelf unit in the kitchen, I am intending to paint it at some point but as DS2 was here, let him put it up, did not want him to have to do a special journey just to do that. I discovered this morning he has put a bracket on the outside watt near the tap for the hosepipe. We can wind the hose onto it off of the ground. Very handy......

I forgot to say yesterday I managed to scald my foot. On Thursday night my feet were freezing despite having socks on in bed, so I decided to fill a hot water bottle. Put it in the bed and pushed it down with my foot, yikes almost scalding hot water on my heel, made worse by the fact that it had soaked into my sock!! The bottle had burst. I was a bit surprised as it was new earlier in the year. I had some wasp eaze in the first aid kit so DB sprayed it generously over my heel, Boy did it sting, but thankfully stopped it blistering. It was suggested that we get an electric blanket, but they are so expensive, we have a Queen size bed......almost £100!! Having said that I have just found one in Argos which is £70, we have £15 of argos vouchers, it might be worth thinking about especially if it could be put on a time switch so it was warm when we get into bed.

I have been researching square foot gardening on the Internet, we have a bed at the bottom of the patio which I think would convert easily into a small veg growing patch. I will get DB to have a read and see what he thinks, if we can only grow salad crops, beans, carrots, courgette, tomato's and cucumbers through the summer it would be a help. It is too small to grow cauliflower, calebrese or cabbage unless we divide it into thirds and just grow them for winter consumption. Cauliflowers are very expensive just at the moment. We have grown greyhound cabbage before it grows quite quickly, and, if its not allowed to get too big is really nice.

Time to go, DB has just phoned for my choice of food for the Presentation evening dinner. So thats fixed, he also told me he is in the final of one of the competitions so we have a dowls match appointment the week before we got for our 'away 3 days'.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Friday and its raining

on and off.

DS2 came this morning to do the few jobs we had left from his last visit. Everything is done now, we just need to start planting some of the plants. I cut the hebe right down, taken 6 cuttings, so hopefully one will take. The euronymous has also been taken down and 2 pieces of trellis fixed to the fence at the bottom of the garden. Its a bit rocky, but DS thinks it will be ok.

I was in the middle of cleaning when he turned up so the Friday clean has been put on hold until tomorrow. I have rolled up the rug that kept walking and its in the attic, the room looks so much bigger without it. We just have to tackle the mark on the carpet where feet have been shuffled.

We had ham sandwiches for lunch DB decided to have a dizzy so went to bed. He was not too late getting up. Finished his lunch and then we bundled all the stuff in the car and went to the tip.

                   No more hebe and the euronymous has been cut back, those are climbing beans you can see in the foreground.

Trellis on the side of the sentry box, eventually the clematis will go over the shed roof.

These clematis will need tying in the one on the left has been cut back twice already.

The small pine unit has gone on the kitchen wall after all, I may decide to paint it to match the dresser, it can be unscrewed without too much trouble, now need to find something to put on it, should not be a problem in this house.

We have had several quite heavy showers of rain today, its been a case of dodging the rain.

The water butt is fixed up on the front hidden from the road and should be gradually filling up, eventually we hope to have one on the shed as well.

Supper tonight, fish and chips and the last of the lemon meringue cheese cake for dessert.

DB is playing bowls tomorrow so I maybe will get some more sewing done.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

We finished off the roof of the caravan this morning. I opened the back window to air it, I need to go through and see what is needed for our little trip next month.

I needed eggs so I walked to Tesco, picked up a small shoulder of lamb which will do nicely for Sunday lunch. We are lunching this week as we have been invited out for tea.

DB had a bit of a sort out in the shed, I still have to decide where the shelf unit is to go that was in the sewing room, favourite at present is the kitchen. DB asked if I was going to paint it, not sure really, will depend on if DS2 is coming on Saturday.

DB went for is siesta, I relaxed on the settee and read.

Supper tonight tomato and bacon pasta and salad, garlic bread. Not sure whats for dessert but it will be something from the freezer.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Bright morning, so we cracked on and got the roof and side of the van sorted. There is just one bit to do now, it can wait until next week.

I changed my sewing room round a bit, it gives me a little more room and makes it easier to get in to the shelves, I sorted out some of the bits I have taken out of the bits and strip box. I have some that will make some pot holders.

DB went for his siesta and I had a quick nap. I am very tired and a bit depressed for some reason.

Phone call from LL's mother the chap is coming Friday to measure the kitchen window and door and also the small window in the hall. So we will be getting them replaces at some point.

Supper tonight reduced price chicken kiev with mash, cauli and calebrese. raspberry delight for dessert. I bought fresh raspberries yesterday from the market.

This is the pot of lilies that I cut the stem from thats in the house, looks like it might reach its full potential next year.

Our next project, to clear the Hebe which has been allowed to just grow wild, I am going to see if I can get some cuttings from it, then we have to cut back the two euronymous that are both coming through the Hebe and going up the fence. We have 2 clematis that are going on the back fence I just might squeeze in a climbing jasmine as well.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Market Day

Tuesday is  market day, so after breakfast we collected together stuff we needed to take with us and set off.

First call post office to post a small parcel, then the Council Offices. DB took in some forms whilst I walked to the rental agents to put in post for our LL, collect a TV times and onto the market.

Whilst I was walking up the road my phone went tame techie telling me my lap top was ready, so after collecting new library books we sent off to collect it. Back home now working properly and he has got rid of Norton which I hate and installed  different programme that I have used before.

Home James for lunch. DB went for his rest.

This is one spike from the giant lily we brought with us, there are 5 large flowers on and it smells delicious.

Digging out the grass for herbaceous border.

Dug out and we have started to place the plants where we thing they will go, lots more still to come.

Supper tonight is pork and bean casserole, I have got a couple of small sponge pudding from AF to do for dessert.

Following on from my post yesterday Richard III's remains have not been re-interred as yet, there have been a few hold ups including York trying to get hold of them. A recent announcement said that his remains would be interred in Leicester Cathedral in March next year. this is a link to an article that was published recently. He is still able to raise discord  over 500 years later. There are to be big celebrations.  His bones will be laid in an Ossuary and he will lie in state for 3 days in the Cathedral for people to pay their respects. The ossuary will then be placed in the ground and the stone tomb placed over  the top.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Wash Day

Monday morning, how quickly it comes round again!!

Laundry put in last night, ready to hang out straight after breakfast.

DB wanted to clean the roof of the caravan, I made him wait until I had done the Monday clean, no way was he going on a ladder without me being at the bottom. He did half the side and the back part of the roof before I called time. Hope to get the other bit done on wednesday.

Macaroni cheese made for supper tonight, will do the salad later.

DD2 due after lunch,she wants to go to Tesco as well,

Sunny in parts, we still have quite a breeze, so the washing is drying. DB tells me it is to rain at lunchtime.

Tomorrow is market day.

I watched the programme about Richard III last night, it was very interesting.

Some one left a comment asking why, when we are retired, we still set the alarm. So that we get up and are able to get the various jobs done before lunch, then we can do whatever we please in the afternoon.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Same again

Another day of wind and showers, we had to rescue pots several times.

DB had palps yesterday, despite medication they did not go off. until after midnight last night. The meds also seem to be making him tired, this happened once before. He went for nap before lunch.

We went out for short walk after lunch, through the local grave yard. It's very well kept, neat and tidy. A circular walk bringing us back to the top of the road.

Supper tonight, roast pork, potato's, carrots, cauli. Banana for dessert.

A quite week for us this week. DD2 will be here tomorrow afternoon and I guess we will be at the market and library on Tuesday.Apart from that we will just be at home. If the weather is ok we may start to put some of the plants in.

I also hope to hear from my computer chappie during the week. I guess I am going to have to load everything again!,

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Sun and showers

Sun was shining when we eventually got up, Saturday and Sunday we do not set the alarm.

DB spent some time in the garden, he has finished the herbaceous border, so we can start to put the plants in, and is now edging the side of the grass in the front and putting stone in so he can just run the mower up to the edge.

I had to go to the sorting office to pick up a package.

Started to sort out my quilting threads, I have enough to stock a small shop, I have put them in boxes according to type, i.e. Hand quilting, all purpose or dual duty, all the cotton threads are now in one container.

DB went for his siesta after lunch, supper tonight will be grilled gammon, eggs, tomato, baked beans and may be a slice of fried bread, except I do not fry mine, I wipe the pan out with the bread and then shove it under the grill.

We have bananas that need eating up, so that's dessert, toffee bananas!!!

Friday, 15 August 2014


Another funny day weatherwise sunny, cloudy and then this afternoon very black, guess we are in for some rain.

This morning I did the Friday clean and then took my lap top to my tame techie, it's not loading at all, it will be next weekend before I get it back and will then have to re load all the programmes.

DB was working in the garden, the herbaceous bed is almost dig out and after DB had been for his siesta and had a cuppa and cake we went out and started to put the pots where we want the plants to go. I re-potted the two hydrangea cuttings the roots were through the bottom of the pot. I am quite pleased they have both taken, I intend to grow them on in pots so I can keep them under control.

I need to sort out how to load photographs from the photo file onto here, it does not do it in the same way as the lap top.

Supper tonight fish, wedges and green beans. Banana and cream for dessert.

Thursday, 14 August 2014


The wind has dropped, some sunshine but black clouds scudding over and we had quite a deluge for a while at lunchtime, big heavy drops, so proper storm rain.

DB was up for breakfast, did an hour in the garden and retired for a snooze after lunch we finish up what was left of last nights quiche, the bottom was a little soggy despite me pre cooking it.

Last night I got on the the page with the planning application for our old apartment. The preliminary work had been going on for a lot longer than the LL admitted to. The amount of details and the full plans for the site suggest that they are going to develop it themselves rather than sell the land. Either that or they have a firm bid on the land from a builder. I am really angry. In the Justification for permission to demolish this is part of what it says:

'Any alternative scheme seeking to retain the flats in their current form is not considered to be viable, as the property has become increasingly difficult to manage and let.

 To illustrate;
 Concerns have been raised by tenants over recent years, in respect of cold interiors, damp, condensation and mould growth.

 As a result of cold weather, tenancy numbers have actually fallen in Autumn and Winter periods. In some cases, weather conditions have prompted tenants to leave the property.

 The flats have successfully let over the past 20 years, often for several years at a time. Yet, tenancies have become shorter in duration; a central problem cited is the high cost of heating the flats, during cold periods. For example - last winter all 5 units became vacant within a few weeks of each other, the majority remaining so for 3 to 4 months.

 Letting agents have advised that rent levels achievable on the large flats is lower than one would expect of their size, due to the excessive cost of heating each space.

 Crucially, the energy cost problem will only escalate with regard to current inflationary pressures in electricity and gas markets.

The issue is also not solely contingent upon energy prices; the flats are relatively large spaces, thus requiring greater heating levels compared to modern flats, available elsewhere in Melton.'
I am convinced that plans were ongoing at the time we took the tenancy. Had I have known this there is no way we would have moved from Asfordby.

The planning application is very detailed and includes detailed specifications for the houses that are to be built.

There are 4 'affordable' houses being built, this is what I think will lead to the plans being passed, there is a shortage of 2 and 3 bedroomed houses in the area.

Ironing done, just need to put it away, might try and spend an hour tomorrow doing some sewing. I did sit and hand sew the binding down on the table runner, have to finish it tonight.

Supper tonight is spag bol with garlic bread and a couple of the raspberry sponge puddings I got from AF yesterday.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Foot Day

A funny morning weather wise, sunny, very breezy and keeps clouding over.

DB managed to stay up till 10pm, he did not settle too well in bed so we were having a midnight feast of tea and crackers, settled down just after 1am. He had breakfast in bed but is now down, showered and dressed ready to go and get our feet done.

I am expecting a timed delivery, due whilst we are at the chiropodist, so have asked next door if she will take it in for us just in case.

Quiche for supper tonight with salad, its in the oven now, should be done just before we go out, we will have it cold tonight with some salad.

I have to nip across to Tesco later, there are a couple of things I need from there that I cannot get anywhere else. I just might take the shopping trolley and walk!!

Pile of ironing needs doing and I have not sewn the binding on the table runner yet, maybe this afternoon.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Sunny but very windy, we are forecast rain again and there have been some dark clouds scudding overhead. I did get two loads of laundry dry, so everything up to date.

DB is still very weak, it has taken a lot out of him, he got up just after 11am, back in bed for a nap, will get up later and try to stay up until bedtime. I doubt he will make it, but its up to him, only he knows what he feels like.

I paid to park in the town this morning next to the library, I am struggling myself just now, so decided to spend £1.20 to park for an hour, rather than struggle up to the library from Morrisons.

Library books changed, fresh fruit and veg  bought, paid in a cheque at the bank and got the TV times, took me just under the hour. DB stayed in bed whilst I was out. Will try to get him up before breakfast tomorrow, we have an appointment to get our feet done at lunch time.

Expecting an approved foods order but not sure if its coming today or tomorrow, will have to wait and see. They had put the wrong address on it. It may go back to the depot and be back out tomorrow.

Made a lemon drizzle cake for DD2 coming this afternoon, she arrived with my birthday present, a bottle of Cava, a bunch of flowers fron DGD and a card. My present was a wire chicken egg holder

Chicken complete with eggs. I have wanted one of these for ages.

Flowers from DGD,

Supper tonight was sausage, mash and beans requested by DB. We had peaches and jelly for dessert.

We had a few minutes of very heavy rain this afternoon, it soon cleared up and the sun is now shining again.

Monday, 11 August 2014


Bright morning, no rain but still a very blustery wind.

DB still moaning so Dr called, we need to get a sample sent off to be tested, just in case. Although the diarrhea has cleared up or so it seems.

Monday clean done and two lots of laundry blowing on the whirly which DS2 screwed down for me. His hands are stronger than mine.

The wind had blown over the water barrel that is waiting to be installed, the rest of the garden does not seem to be too bad. The hanging baskets on the front keep squeaking as they swing on their chains.

I am really annoyed, Dr did not come out, but phoned, asked to speak to DB. Does not seem at all concerned, could not care less if he has C Diff again.....the man is a moron. I told DB whilst he was talking on the phone to the Dr that if he did turn out to have C Diff again I would sue the Dr. I have to go and collect a script for him after 3pm.

All the washing dry, had to fetch it in it started to rain, have just got a few thicker things airing. I now have to tackle another lot of ironing. Hope to do a coloured wash tomorrow then its all up to date.

DB got up for lunch and then went back to bed, I am hoping he will come down for his supper and maybe sit up for a while. Save me running up and down stairs!!

Sunday, 10 August 2014


My birthday did not start too well, was up all night with DB trotting back and forth to the loo. He did managed about 4 hours sleep at one point but I was awake. He is not responding to the medication, so if it has not cleared up in the morning I will be getting the Dr. in. He has eaten the same as me and also not been in contact with anyone who could pass on a virus. As he had C>Diff 4 years ago I am very well aware it can re-occur.

Thank you to those of you who sent me birthday greetings, very kind of you. We obviously are not going to DD2's for lunch. It will be put off for another time.

Its pouring with rain and the wind is blowing the trees, so we are getting some of the fallout from the hurricane as it passes through. The sky is very grey and overcast.

I am going to try and have a nap this afternoon, make up for some of the sleep I lost last night. DB is still in bed, close to the bathroom. I will put him in the shower later and change his PJ's he is on a dry toast and water diet for today.

DB had a shower and came down for an hour or so but has gone back to bed. I am going to try him with some poached chicken and rice for is supper with jelly for dessert, will be keeping him off dairy for a day or two.

I did manage a nap this afternoon, will not be sorry to go to bed this evening and hope for a better night.

Saturday, 9 August 2014


Fine sunny morning but with quite a breeze, we are warned that we will get heavy rain and high winds as a downgraded hurricane hits us over night tonight.

Nothing much done this morning, late getting up, Saturday we do not set the alarm so it was after 9am when I woke. A much better night than the night before, despite a 'nana nap' in the afternoon I was shattered.

DB went for his siesta after lunch and I settled down to read, next thing I know he is downstairs, I must have drifted off to sleep. I think we are both suffering from the after effects of running on adrenaline for the last month.

One good thing, the chap signed for the apartment yesterday so we should get out deposit back this week.

I posted about virgin on their facebook page, it was picked up and someone is looking into it for me, so for now its on the back burner.

I had a cheque from SSE for overpayment on the gas, but a bill for £65 for the electric, getting readings for the electric at the apartment was hopeless the LL would only read the meters for me and I used to read them every week as I am doing here. We are using less electric here. I was lucky if they got read once a month there.

Tomorrow is my birthday and we are going to DD2's for lunch so no supper tomorrow. DB was due to play bowls this afternoon the other side of the county,as he had 3 dizzies this week I suggested that he withdraw from the game.

Supper tonight herb fritatta and salad,  Peaches and ice cream for dessert.

I sat last night and sewed the binding down on 2 more pot holders, I just have to do the small table runner, will start on that this afternoon, once I have woken up.

Friday, 8 August 2014


Grey and overcast for quite a while this morning, the sun did break through whilst we were drinking our morning tea in the garden.

Friday clean done, DB's mothers picture has been put up on the wall behind the sofa so nothing remains to be 'put up'.

DB cut the front grass and then spent some time pottering in the back garden. We re-potted a couple of plants last night, so needed to make sure they are well watered and settled in their new pots.

The garden is gradually changing, plants are disappearing and more pots geting stacked in the 'sentry box'.

               Looking towards the kitchen from the hall doorway.

Under the stairs.

From the kitchen doorway.

The house is a lot smaller than the apartment, so cosier, and should be cheaper to keep warm. in the winter. Dare say there will be changes around from time to time, but this is the sitting room as it is just now. I hung Granny's picture just this morning. The wall unit is actually sitting on top of the drawers, it looks more like a dresser that way. The ceiling height is also lower,

Thursday, 7 August 2014


Not sure really what I did this morning, did not seem to be much. The box came yesterday to return the virgin equipment along with a bill for £240.52 for the remainder of the contract......I am not happy about it, Virgin cannot supply me with TV etc, but I fail to see why I should have asked them what areas of the town they supplied and then looked for a house in that area we could afford......regardless it looks as if I will have to pay them. If they take me to court it will damage our credit rating, something I am not really prepared to have happen.

I packed the Virgin stuff in the box and took it to the outlet, the chap was just delivering a parcel so he took mine, so I know it has left the shop, I saw it go in the back of the van.

Home again I prepared a chicken and mayo sandwich filling for lunch and also started off the bacon, mushroom and tomato sauce to have with the pasta tonight. I have a couple of Naan breads I will heat up to have with it.

Sat in the garden reading, the sun was out after a rather dull start. DB went for a snooze and I baked a ring of scone for afternoon tea.

I have managed to sew the binding down on 2 pot holders, one to go and then I have to do the table runner.

We have now been in the house for 2 weeks. Tomorrow will be the first Friday clean.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Wet Morning

We had rain over night and it was still raining when we got up. It did clear mid morning and the sun came out. It was quite warm this afternoon, although there was a breeze which kept it from getting too hot.

DB is going through paper working printing stuff off for his bowls club history project and filing paper work.

I spent the day sewing, have put the binding on a small table runner and made up two blocks and turned them into a small table runner It  needs layering up, quilting and binding. I have several things that need the binding sewing down, so will be doing some hand sewing rather than mucking about on the lap top.

DB retired with a dizzy just after lunch, so we are following a pattern, 6 weeks without one then several days with one a day.

Cold chicken with wedges and whats left of yesterdays gratin for supper, bananas and ice cream for dessert.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Market Day

Sunny morning although it cooled down and we had rain just after lunch.

We went into town, parked the car in Morrisons car park and walked to the library.

I left DB there doing some research,  walked back to the market via Boyes, DB smashed my lemon squeezer at te weekend, so I needed to get a new one.

Fruit, some veg and salad stuff and it was onwards for a battery for the motor mover on the caravan so we can move it into its proper poistion, paper shop for the TV choice and then back to Morrisons. Two or three things from there and home I came.

By the time I got home it was clouding over but DB made it home on the bus before it started to rain.

After lunch we moved the caravan to where we wanted it, so now we can see out of the front window!! The van is nearer the wall.

Supper tonight, cauli and calebrease gratin, baked tomato and jacket potato. The last of the crumble for dessert.

Tomorrow is sewing day!!

Monday, 4 August 2014

Down to work Monday

Sunny morning but a cool breeze, pity I have no more laundry to do.

Monday routine re-established now we have the house more or less as we want it. If I could stop the wandering carpet everything would by great. So bedrooms, landing and bathroom cleaned.

We will take the car into Morrisons tomorrow and then walk to the library, OH will stay and do some more research, I will walk back to the car via the market for fruit and veg, nip in to Morrisons for yogurt for OH and then come home, he will come home on the bus later.

Either Wednesday or Thursday will be my sewing day and Friday is sitting room and kitchen day. So we will see how it all works.

DB retired to bed with a dizzy, the first for 43 days, got to be some sort of record!!

DD2 came this afternoon, we were sat in the garden drinking tea and eating chocolate chip cookies when a head popped over the wall at the side of the garden. We had been talking about cutting down some plants that were coming over the wall, the lady was chopping them off. DB had quite a conversation with her, It turned out that our little close of houses is built on a site where there was a garage and allotments. Our house is actually where the garage was........

Supper tonight chicken casserole, potato, carrots, green beans and cauli flower. Apple an black berry crumble for dessert with some cream.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

We have wind

Late getting up, after 9am before I opened my eyes.

Its sunny but there is quite a breeze, I had to rescue one of the clematis, the top growth had gone over the top of the fence.

DB messing about in the garden. DS2 wound the screw for the rotary dryer right into the grass for me yesterday, washer on with a coloured load. Should dry. At least there is nothing that needs ironing when its dry, it can just be folded and put away.

Steps up to the attic, did not need to get up, just shoved the table and the bag with the curtains in up and to one side, so thats something else cleared up. Really beginning to look like home now.

The local country park is close to us here, I am going to have a look and see if its within walking distance, time for some exercise me thinks.

Possibility of one of my US quilting friends and her husband coming to visit next spring, exciting. its at least 10 years since she was last here for the Malvern spring quilt show.

Lunch in the garden, there is quite a breeze just takes the edge off the sun. DB went for a siesta, afternoon tea and the last of the chocolate cake.

Everything prepped for tonight supper, roast chicken, with carrots, green beans and courgette, roast potato. I have made an apple and blackberry crumble for dessert with some custard.

The routine starts tomorrow, the house is looking ok, so time to start keeping it looking that way.

Saturday, 2 August 2014


Very late posting today. We were not too early getting up. I decided to do the pile of ironing that has been sitting looking at me for days.

DB went off to play bowls and DS2 arrived. We sat for a while drinking tea, eating cake and chatting. He needed to talk about the events of the last couple of weeks, I was only too happy to listen.

Eventually the new medicine cabinet got made up and put on the bathroom wall, so all the medication can now get put away. The curtain rial fixed, tooth mug and towel holder put on the wall and the mirror on the wall at the top of the stairs.

Then we moved downstairs. Top put on the chest, light fitting changed, chicken hooks and the painted unit put on the wall, the last job was putting up the hangers for the hanging baskets.

By this time DB had come in, changed and was able to oversee the hanging baskets put up.

Numerous cups of tea were drunk and DS2 left to travel back to Corby just before 8pm. He was suffering with a bad back, he had been sleeping in a camp bed at the weekend and it did not suit his back. He said it was not as bad as it had been earlier in the week.

We are so grateful that DS2 is willing to come over and do jobs for us, he said he will be back in about a month to sort out the bits that need going in the garden.

DGD is 18 just after my birthday so I sent a card with her dad with a cheque in. There have been many ups and downs in our lives since she was born, she has grown up into a very well adjusted young lady, a credit to her Dad with whom she lives.

I was saddened to read today of the death of an old choir member, she must have been in her 80's. She had alzheimer's, such a cruel disease.

My supper tonight a ham and mustard sandwich and a dish of ice cream.

Friday, 1 August 2014


Today has been a quieter day, chilled a bit this morning, did do some sarnies for DB for lunch. I put the caravan battery on charge to see if we can move it into its permanent position using the motor mover.

I set off just after 11am for Aldi at Syston to pick up some stuff for Cotton Reel and a water butt for DB. I called at Wilkinsons for a curtain rail for the front bedroom, some shower gel and mouthwash. So we have enough to keep us going for quite some time.

Then a quick trip to Asda to fill up with diesel at £1.29L its not been that cheap for ages.

Lovely visit with Cotton Reel, we pulled up some rooted lavender seedlings, DB potted them up when I got home. We sat in the garden for a while before indulging in a cup of tea and lemon cheesecake.

The journey home was ok, plenty of traffic but no hold ups so very good.

There was evidence of heavy rain, DB said there had been a downpour which stopped just before I got in.

DS2 is due tomorrow to finish off the things that need putting up on walls etc then we should be almost straight.

DB has been doing a bit more in the garden:

The herb cobtainer has been replanted and moved to the edge of the patio.

The bird table is up, when the grass was cut DB found a border of gravel, so pots of plants in a temporary home.

Tomato's on the plant, we have picked quite a few, they are very sweet. More with supper tonight.