Sunday, 13 July 2014

What a busy day!!

Last night we watched the re run of House of Cards on the drama channel, it did not finish until midnight, so we were late to bed, which meant we were late getting up.

We were expecting DS2 and co and DD2 and DGD at some point, DD2 arrived wet through, it was pouring with rain, we had tea and then I prepared two plates of sandwiches, egg mayo and cheese and tomato. We had finished lunch when DS2 appeared with youngest GD. His ex partners mother is seriously ill with cancer and was taken into hospital yesterday so he is all at sixes and sevens just now doing what he can to have the children. They had eaten before he came, so the sandwiches are wrapped in foil in the fridge. We are going to spend most of the day at the house tomorrow there are various things we want to do. The sandwiches will save me having to pack up tomorrow we will have our lunch at the house.

DD2 was going to the pictures so they left not long after lunch, once DS2 had a cup of tea he started taking stuff down and filling the holes, you cannot see where the things were hung on the walls. He is coming Aug 2nd to do whats needed at the new house. Next weekend he is driving up to the games in Glasgow to deliver veg and fruit, the following weekend he is taking the children to Mablethorpe camping for the weekend.

We took him to have a look at the house, he seems to think its ok.....,dropped us at home on his way back to Corby.

It was wet this morning but cleared up after lunch, DB and DS2 moved the sentry box to the front door, then DB dug up and potted two clematis and also a white lupin, he has kept the head which had formed some seed pods, so thats going to be hung in the shed for the seeds to mature so I can start them off next year. Little GD spent some time with DB in the garden, she is very articulate for 2 1/2 has a good grasp of colours and was asking questions about what DB was doing and why.

The sentry box is the small shed that DB used for his gardening stuff here.

Supper prepped, roast chicken, potato's, cauli, calebrease and carrots.....strawberry whip for dessert, I am too shattered to do anything else.

We are now on the countdown to the move, the next week is going to be busy as the following week I have an appointment with the eye specialist Monday, we go to my blogging friends husbands funeral on Tuesday, so we just have the Wednesday to move anything that is not needed here. Thursday we move.

I am shattered once supper is over I am on the settee for the rest of the night.


  1. What a busy day, indeed! Don't you wish you could have some of your little 2 1/2 year old DGD's energy?

    So sorry for DS2'a ex's mother and all those who love her. Saying goodbye is so very hard and months of illness first make it no easier. I wish DS2 well in all he's trying to juggle.

    Okay, before I forget again to ask, what is a "sentry box"?

    Wishing you and DB well in all there is to do this week. I'd help if I could, but you two are far more experienced than I am. Is all of the large furniture that the removers will transport empty and ready to go?

    We had unexpected rain for about 30 min. and it was so very welcome!

    Sweet dreams!


    1. A sentry box is for a soldier to stand in while he's on guard. They have them outside Buckingham Palace too! Do you think Anne & Edwin have royal yearnings?

  2. I've never heard of a garden shed referred to as a sentry box. Was a bit surprized to see it had a door on it. Was thinking it was either a garden decoration and then when you said it was for tool storage I imaged an open shelving unit!


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