Thursday, 24 July 2014

We have Moved!!!!

Well we chose the hottest day of the year, but we made it.

7.15am we were up and the removers landed at 8.10. A tour of the house to assess what had to go. A take in of breath and shaking of heads, that 3 door wardrobe might have to be taken to bits!! 

DB drove me to the house with the linen etc from the beds and the last minutes things we packed. I stayed at the house whilst he went back to supervise the rest of the loading.

By 10.30 they were here and rapidly unpacked the lorry, everything was placed where we wanted it, although some of it will be moved in due course. The wardrobe went up the stairs no problem and is now in the alcove in our bedroom. The job was finished by 12.30 so away they went.

I had managed to connect the washing machine up, 3 loads washed and dried on the line, if it was not for the breeze I fear it would have been roasting.

We sat in the garden and ate our lunch. The removers had just gone when the airel chappie came, so we now have both TV and broadband. One weird thing we did not have a dialling tone on the phone although it made calls out and DD2 phoned so we were getting incoming calls. Once I had connected the router we had a dialling tone.

The bed is made and our room is respectable, I still have to go through the wardrobes and put the clothes in properly, but that can wait till tomorrow. We have got more work to do over the next couple of days but by Monday we should be sorted. DS2 is coming over next weekend to hang things on the walls.

We are both crackered, had to keep making DB sit down. We are going to sit and watch an old Foyles War, have a shower and off to bed.

Fish and wedges, creme caramel and cream for supper.Plants watered, just enjoying a cup of tea.

Very little room left on the patio, its a squeeze to sit down.

Beans lilies and clematis on the gravel at the top of the garden.

We just managed to sit down and no more.

Our first cucumber, DB thought it was a funny shaped leaf.

Looking from the kitchen into the sitting room.

Give us a few days to get the house as we want it, then we can start getting some of the 100+ plants in the garden and begin to enjoy the house.

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