Sunday, 27 July 2014

Wall to wall sunshine.

Another really lovely day, but a nice breeze so it did not get as hot as yesterday.

We had breakfast, lunch and supper out on the patio and loved it.

DD2, DGD and I went to Aldi this morning, it was heaving, very difficult to get round, several things were out of stock and they had a change round so things were not where you usually found them. I stopped off for coffee with DD2 and then dropped the shopping home and went to Tesco to get sparkling water and cream crackers which I could not find at Aldi.

After lunch DB had a siesta and I had a Nana nap on the settee, since then apart from cooking the supper we have been just pottering, things are gradually disappearing and the kitchen sitting room and our bedroom as as near to ok as they can be. Just a couple of things to do.

Whilst I was out DB was pottering in the garden, guess what he found????

We had a stow away, the frog looks like the one we had in the garden at the apartment, I guess he jumped into one of the trays to keep cool and got a new home. Hope he earns his keep, keeping the slugs down. We will have to sort out a little water splash for him.

The patio at the side of the fence, we have moved a lot of the pots onto the piece of ground which will, in time become a herb bed.

The climbing beans on the gravel at the top of the garden. We had a picking off them for supper tonight, from plant to plate in less than an hour, delicious.

We also have some tomato's ripening.

We were forecast rain in the night, there was a slight shower but not much, according to those 'that know' the weather is to break tonight. Its has been a lovely spell of fine weather, Thursday was not a good day to move it was so hot, but we managed, and now we can begin to live our lives in our new home.

We have a couple of 'engagements' this week, one is to go and clean the apartment and leave it as I would wish to find it, the other to hand over the keys and sort out how much we have to pay in rent before the chap moves in and when we get our deposit back.

We found the planning application on the council web site, to demolish the house and build 9 houses on the site 2 pairs of semi detached and 5 detached houses, we will follow the application with interest!!


  1. What a day of accomplishments so it was a good idea for the well deserved naps! The plants and your little stowaway look happy and am glad the garden is already a delightful place for al fresco dining!

    You and DB have been ideal tenants for your previous LL and you should get your deposit back quickly and without a quibble.

    If the planning permission is granted, I hope it will be required that the house be taken down with care so most can be reused elsewhere and that all the mature trees will stay without damage. Wish!


  2. Pleased to see you are accepting comments again. Glad to read that your move went without a hitch, and hopefully, Toady will sort out the slugs for you.
    I was also in Aldi today, and like you, realised they had moved things around. The cream crackers are now where the crisps used to be on Aisle 3. I was looking for toffees for my grand daughter's special pot which we keep here for treats, and they are now where the biscuits used to be!!
    Enjoy your new home and garden.

  3. Love your little stowaway. I am sure he will be happy in his new home as you seem to be. I have been wishing you well all week so delighted to actually write it to you.

  4. Good to see that the move has gone well and you are getting settled. Your back garden looks nice and private. We will be picking beans and tomatoes in about a week. We have had some really hot weather and everything is growing like crazy.


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