Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Tomorrow is moving day

This time tomorrow hopefully we will be at our new house with the furniture more or less in place.

The move has been stressful at times, but we have got there, we plan to do one last run tonight with things we will not need in the morning and then back here to sleep.

Its been another very warm day. We moved the caravan today, had to have a bit of help getting it onto the grass and its not really in the right place, but I will put the charger on it on Friday and we will move it to its resting place then.

LL came just before supper to look at the bath where the paint has peeled off, its not much but it needs doing before any more water gets under it.

YS chicken kiev's with salad for supper, had creme caramel and cream for dessert.

Our last night in an apartment we had hoped would be our home for the foreseeable future, it was not to be. Such a shame that a lovely historic house is to be pulled down and the site sold for redevelopment, but I suppose that progress. I still feel that we should have been told what was going on before we were, two months after we moved in to get a letter informing us of what was going to happen was a shock and has caused us more than a little anguish.

I am glad that the let has been agreed, we just have to pay a weeks rent which will please my bank manager and my wallet.

It may be a couple of days before I am on line again, I have to install the router and connect to the new broadband, may not get round to it for a couple of days.

So for now cheerio............