Saturday, 5 July 2014

Today is a rest day

No trips to the house today we are working here. DD2 is coming to help me pack the crystal that will go to the house on Monday and be stored out of the way under the stairs. Then the dresser can go and I can start to paint it.

We are going to sort out the tall plants that will go at the back of the border, a run to take them over and leave them on the patio, then DB can work at his own pace taking up the grass and digging the bed over, the plants can then go in leaving space where the clematis will go in the spring.

DB said last night he was surprised how much we had managed to move over the few days this week. So we may be visiting the house on alternate days next week.

It had rained over night but cleared up and a sunny but breezy day. We had a couple look at the apartment at lunchtime, it was not at its best but they had to take us as they found us. Hard to tell what they thought, will have to a wait developments.

Supper tonight liver and bacon with mash, carrots and peas. Banana and some raspberries for dessert with some hm ice cream. I also made another loaf, we were almost out of bread.

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  1. Ah, a lovely couple of days of rest! Have you gotten to the point when you have an idea when you'll be staying at the new house or this better question: when are the removers are coming?

    Good plan for taking the tall plants first - logical as you are!

    Was it difficult not to tell those who came to look at the apartment you're leaving just WHY you're moving out?? I would have wanted them to know ...!

    Sunny and cooler here but I have a wee gift wall quilt to finish machine quilting.



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