Saturday, 12 July 2014

Today is a day of rest

Another lovely bright sunny day. We were a bit later getting up this morning, thankfully I slept better last night.

By 9.45 we were on our way into town on the bus. OH to the library and me to Boyes for a couple of things. I remembered that DD2 was coming tomorrow and had decided to make a lemon drizzle car, when, flash of light, I realised that the loaf tins were at the new house.....sugar...then I remembered we had not sold the silicone loaf tin at the boot sale yesterday so hooked it out and whilst in Boyes got some paper cases, so lemon drizzle cake it is.

The viewers came to see the apartment, a young couple, seemed impressed with the size of the place especially the bedrooms, seems they are bigger than the ones they have where they are now.

After bacon and sauce sandwiches DB got ready for his game of bowls, I decided it was time for a Nana nap, I need to keep my strength up!!

DS sent a message to say he is coming tomorrow rather than next Saturday as he has to go up to Scotland next a good job the LDC was in the oven.

No supper tonight DB get his at the game and I will make a salad sandwich for mine.

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  1. Cheers for days of rest, when you can turn your thoughts to baking, books, and that well deserved nap! It is good that DB can enjoy his bowls group, too.

    Since DS is coming tomorrow, will that mean a trip to the new house so he can put your wall shelves and things where you want them to go?

    It's to be a sunny and hot day today here with a high temperature expected to be 91*F. I think I'll make that Pineapple Angel Food cake.



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