Thursday, 31 July 2014


I think there is a change coming in the weather.It was sunny early on but then clouded over, lunchtime it was sunny, but as we sat in the garden with DD2 there was a nasty black cloud coming over and DB has just said its raining. We do need rain but the gentle sort not the thunderstorms they have had in the south.

DB spent the morning in his shed, I went up to the back bedroom but did not get very far, came down to make the morning tea, made a chocolate cake for this afternoon and then realised I had no icing sugar, so it was across the road to Tesco, also picked up some garlic bread which I forgot on Sunday.

DB went for a snooze, I was just about to drift off when DD arrived, so tea made, cake eaten.

Macaroni cheese, celery, tomato and cucumber salad for supper, banana for dessert.

I need to take it easy for a couple of days, feeling tired and very achy, qite a bit of pain too. I am off to see my quilting friend tomorrow, have a couple of jobs to do on the way


  1. Cheers for rain of the gentle sort and also for a day of baking and a pleasant family visitor!

    Hope the visit with your friend tomorrow will be a lovely break and that taking it easy for a few days will ease your discomfort.

    I hope to get borders on a little 4 block wall quilt or table topper and perhaps sew the next border on the quilt AMIL is making for her SIL. AMIL has been too sleep-deprived to want to sew.


  2. Oh back again with comments. You make me exhausted with everything you do in your home. Hope the new people pay up and you get much of your deposit back again.

  3. Hugs to both of you - hope you can get some rest after all the exertions of the move. I have had a really quiet week, and actually enjoyed it. I will be very glad to have the girls back on Saturday though...there's only so much peace and quiet I can take!! We have had some very heavy downpours here today, so I haven't needed to water the garden tonight at least. Take care of yourselves xxx

  4. I hope you get some rest. Is the Tesco walking distance from your home?


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