Saturday, 19 July 2014


A bit of a rant.

 As you know one of my blogging friends lost her husband recently. This morning I received a comment from a fellow blogger which I have not published as some of the comment was very offensive.  I would like to point out to this person that  gitf had discussed with her husband the real chance that her husband, who was a great deal older then her and also had a heart transplant, was more than likely to die before her and they should put away money to see her through this period. Very wise....... as soon as he died his income ceased whilst the various parties sort out widows pensions etc, so, as a stay at home mum well under pensionable age, she needed money to care for her 2 teenage children. In past times a situation like this could have resulted the widow and children going into the workhouse!! GITF and her late husband were very prudent in making sure that there was money available to pay for his funeral and see them safely through till his financial affairs were sorted out.

If they had read back through GITF's blog they would have seen that this was discussed freely, and I for one applaud the fact that she will not have to 'scrape the barrel' through the coming weeks.

The whole family is grief stricken, but are doing their best to cope and stay positive.