Monday, 21 July 2014

Saturday 2

Lots of rain overnight and rained most of the morning too. A quick trip to the local sorting office to collect a parcel from a quilting friend in Scotland. The promised Solomon Seal corms and a piece of lovely fabric with chickens and cockerels on it. I have to think what I can make with it.

Baking done since I got back, ring of scone for DD2 when she gets here and also Spag Bol sauce for supper, topping for a crumble and put a loaf on, I will slice and freeze the loaf so we have bread to see us through the week. Flour etc, scales and bread maker will go to the house tomorrow morning along with anything else we can do without.

Its still very muggy despite the rain, did not sleep well again last night thanks to the heat and the cat from upstairs yowling at some ungodly hour.

The rain cleared up after lunch and DB decided to clean the roof and back of the caravan, despite me asking him not to do it until we were at the new house. By the time we come to move it on Wednesday it will be just as bad again.At least where it is going there are no trees so no bird droppings all down it.

DS'2s partners mother passed away yesterday afternoon, so DS has had to arrange for someone else to do the jobs he was going to do this weekend as he has both the girls.  Time will tell now what is going to happen. Grandma used to have the girls during school holidays. Last year DS was asked if he could take time off to look after the girls during the long summer holiday. He pointed out that if he did there would be no maintenance money, no work, no money. We will have to wait and see what evolves over the next few weeks.

Supper tonight, aforementioned spag bol, chocolate whip for dessert.