Monday, 28 July 2014

Post move day 4

Another sunny morning, we had breakfast on the patio whilst the washing machine did its thing, all the laundry is dry except for OH,'s track suit trousers which always take ages, they are quite thick.

No Monday clean, normal service will resume next Monday. Went to put the caravan battery on charge, could not find the adapter. No idea where it is have not seen it since we charged up the battery before we went to Scotland. So as we need to move the van asap I have had to order a new one...grrrrrr.......

I started on clearing the stuff I know I am no longer going to need in my quilting stuff, patterns etc I am never going to make, plus other stuff I kept from when I was sewing to order. A lot of it has to be shredded as it has credit card slips etc on.

DB has cut the grass, no sign of the frog this morning, guess he is hiding somewhere, I need to find something we can put water in for him thats not too deep. Edges of the lawn are being done.

Frustrating time on the phone to various people, had a final bill from the water board for.....wait for it must have cost them more than that to send the bill......DB rang up to pay it and was told they will have to add it to our new bill as they can't accept less than £1 in payment........what a load of idiots. I also spoke to SSE about switching our supply over, wish I hadn't bothered, it took me over an hour to go through all the spiel, they then tells me it will take up to 6 weeks for the changes to go through. When we changed to SSE in March it took 4 days for the electric and 9 days for the gas. We are still waiting for NPower to sort out the bill they sent us which was a load of rubbish. they also want £20 a month more than we were paying in a 3 bedroomed house......well when the first bill comes in I am going to be putting down the DD and getting some cash back.

Not a happy bunny this afternoon......I also found out we have to pay 12 days rent as the chap is not signing for the apartment until 9th August, so another £200 bites the dust. That LL has cost us a lot of money and grief.

Its been another really nice day, could do with the weather changing though, we need rain so badly.

I have had a minor success, I took cuttings off the hydrangea in the garden and they both appear to have taken as has the clematis cutting I 'aquired' when we were at the garden open day recently. It needs potting on, will wait a bit before I pot on the hydrangea though, looks like I might have one to sell. I plan to grow it in a pot.

Herb fritatta and salad for supper, the last of the oranges in jelly. DB has asked for apple and blackberry crumble for tomorrow night as I have apples and a load of clackberries iin the freezer.

Think we will be eating outside again tonight.

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  1. Sorry you've encountered so many frustrations with your business calls today. Bother!! Especially all the hassles from your now former LL. She needs to eat that extra money for August. Why should you pay when you'd have had to clear out and the LL had the place cleaned (HA!) before the new tenant came in on the 9th. She surely seems heartless and greedy.

    Might that adaptor be in a drawer or cabinet in the caravan or in the glove box in the car?

    Perhaps a bottle of bubbly would go well with your fritatta this evening?

    Cheers that you've still got a healthy green thumb and your cuttings are doing so well. Have you an extra small pottery planter that can be turned sideways as a frog home?

    Hope you can have a Friday visit with your friend as you need and deserve some fun.

    Sunny and hot here but the rest of the week is forecast to be cooler.



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