Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Moving day + 5

Another lovely day, not so hot as there is a nice breeze. DB was so tired last night he fell asleep watching TV, so I made him have a rest day today. We have sat in the garden reading. Breakfast and lunch eaten on the patio and I guess supper will be too.

I have sorted out a bin full of quilting patterns that I know I am not going to ever have time to make, reduced 5 large folders to 3 middle sized one and now have a folder full of the poly envelopes I keep stuff in. More sorting going on in the sewing/guest room, I am trying to do a bit each day.

We decided this morning not to clean the apartment today but go tomorrow after lunch and do it then, meet up with LL get final meter readings, sort out how much cash she wants for the 12 days before the new tenant moves in and hand over the keys

Guess what I did manage to do this morning????? Many years ago I went to stay with a friend in Indiana. We went to the Paducah quilt show and then to Shipshewana to visit the Amish community. I begged a small wall cabinet from her to bring home, a reminder of a wonderful time with a very good friend. This morning it got the 'Annie Sloan treatment'. The paint dried really quickly in the sun. I have  left the drawer fronts the original colour as it matches the knobs on the dresser, and the unit is to be fixed on the wall next to the dresser

I just have it to wax tomorrow morning, replace the hooks I removed from the bottom and its ready to go.

Supper tonight, gammn fried eggs tomato and wedges. Banana for dessert. DB will have cream I will have yogurt.


  1. How lovely to have a rest day and to enjoy the breeze on the patio in the back garden!

    Cheers for the organization you're bringing to the sewing room, too. It will be wonderful to have the entire room for your creative use.

    Love the look of your painted wall cabinet! It will be ready to be installed where you want it this weekend. Well done !

    Looking forward to photos, perhaps next week?


  2. That's a wonderful cabinet and it will look great in your new home. Things are really coming together well for you. Best Wishes!

  3. I live in Michigan and have visited Shipshewana a few times.I loved to go to the old quilt shop but it burned to the ground a few yea r s ago and I haven't been back yet to see the new one. The market is huge isn't it?
    Glad to hear you are settling in quite nicely. Enjoy the nice weather while you can.
    Joan, a fellow quilter.


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