Friday, 25 July 2014

Moving Day + 1

Gosh it was warm last night. I had put the low tog duvet on the bed, I slept most of the night on top of it.

We were both shattered so a warm shower and bed just after 10pm, we were asleep by 10.30.

A bit of a lie in this morning, breakfast eaten at the table with the back door open. DB out to the shed, we have moved some of the plants round to give us a bit more room on the patio, it was getting a bit crowded.

I sorted out some more stuff and decided we could 'loose' a chair and the circular table, however the table has ended up as a beside table in the sewing/guest room.

DB realised he had not set the alarm at the old place and had also left the Dyson there, so a quick trip for me. I also found the recipe book from the bread maker I realised was missing. Picked up a couple of mats for the hall and kitchen and back again.

We had one of DB's cucumbers in a sandwich for lunch with tuna mayo, delicious.

DD2 was here this afternoon, we took her back home and collected 2 more white buckets for the garden, we store water in them. The compost bin also arrived, so thats in place.

I washed the quilt from our bed, it was good to see it wafting gemtly in the breeze.

The TV appears to have had some sort of fit, could not get it to connect with the freestat box at all, so we will be sitting in the garden reading.

We had supper outside, I opened a bottle of Lambrusco to have with it. Pork and been casserole with mash, carrots cauliflower and one of our own courgjettes lightly steamed.

Its been another very warm day. OH spend most of it in the garden. I have managed to make uo the guest room bed, just have to sort out my sewing stuff and I will be readdy to go.

No plans for tomorrow, will take DD2 to Aldi in Syston on Sunday.

The front of the house. 2 pots of hostas starting to go back now and the geraniums are beginning to bloom in the containers.

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