Sunday, 6 July 2014

More of the same.

I am not happy, was told it was going to rain at lunchtime, so did not strip the bed...and...its been sunny all day..........well bed will be changed tomorrow, if its wet the sheets etc will stay in the linen basket until the forecast if for a fine day.

Sorting out plants to go at the back of the border, will take them over sometime this week. Dresser is also in bits ready to go, hope to get the base coat of paint on either tomorrow or tuesday.

Found a stranger in the climbing beans, must have missed a bulbil when I emptied the pot, its a lily coming up.

Day Lily

Flowers on the hollyhock.

DD2 came with some strong bags for me this afternoon, I had made a chocolate cake so DB and DD2 had to quality test it, verdict, scrummy. Also did some scones, they are in the freezer for afternoon tea next week.

Just watching the mens final at wimbledon......Djokovic won, woo hoo!!!! I had just gone into the kitchen to serve up the supper and missed the end of the match......typical......

Roast pork, potato's, carrot, calebrese and peas, banana and ice cream for dessert.


  1. Don't you love flowers that volunteer and come up in unexpected places?!

    Cheers for your accomplishments this weekend so all is ready to be moved as planned in the coming week. That will keep the momentum going and perhaps you and DB really can go every other day. No point being there just watching the paint dry.

    Have I already missed dinner? It sounds yummy!


  2. I was cheering on Federer, we had the opportunity to meet him a couple of years ago regarding charity work and he was so nice, so humble too. I've yet to hear of any charity work that Djokovic is involved in so Federer gets my support.

    1. I was cheering on Djokovic.
      He set up the Novak Djokovic Foundation a few years ago. More information on what this charity is all about can easily be found with a google search.
      He is also a UNICEF ambassador. It's unsurprising to me that he is involved in charity work. He loves his country; a country that was ravaged by war just 15 short years ago.


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