Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Handing back the keys

It was sunny when we got up and we had our breakfast sitting outside, but as the morning wore on it began to cloud over.

I spoke to my tame techie this morning about our printer, upshot I have to buy a new one so thats £100 down the pan. I have ordered one from Argos and will collect it later. We plan to visit the library at the same time. We will have to pay for parking which is a bind but I am not carrying a printer miles and there is no free parking near Argos, its in a pedestrian part of the town.

The little unit was waxed this morning and looks fine, so it will go up on Saturday when I hope DS2 will grace us with a visit.

Chap came this morning and put a new phone extension in and tidied up the cables behind the TV so all is now nice and neat, no phone lodged on the window cill and the router standing on the floor.

This afternoon we went and cleaned the apartment and handed back the keys. It was a sight cleaner than when we moved in. I felt sad it was a lovely apartment and we had hoped to be there a long time, however, that was not to be and we are settling into our new home.

Went and got books from the library, collected the printer and came home, everything is sore, so I will have to take extra medication, I had a bit of a job to walk. No good.

The blasted TV is playing up again, chap came this morning and put us a new telephone socked in for the BB etc and now the TV is not showing a signal aarrgghhhhhh..............every time that chap comes the TV goes on strike and I am not buying a new one!!

Liver and bacon for supper, DBs favourite for dessert, banana and cream.

Some one tell me its bedtime!!


  1. Cheers for all you and DB accomplished today, tho I, too, and saddened that you couldn't stay in the lovely apartment for all time to come. You and DB again showed your previous and greedy LL that you take the high road because you're wonderful people and it's her loss that you are no longer her tenants.

    Bother about all the walking and the soreness and to add insult, the TV is acting up. I have to wonder if something the chappie did with the wires and cables is causing the problems you're having. I'd call and arrange for him to come back to make sure the TV is working before he leaves again.

    It's a lovely sunny, cool day here and I am about to be off to the library, too. After lunch I intend to sew the final two borders on the little 9 Patch and it will be a completed top. I am pleased with the look of the pink fabric next to the quilt center.


  2. voucher in sun news paper tomorrow for £5 pound off £10 pound minimum spend on meat and fish at morrisons


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