Friday, 4 July 2014

Friday, Day 4

Loaded up the car and a journey to the house, hung the curtains in the sewing/guest room and I have the table up and the machine on it, forgot to take the insert.

Stuff for a trip into the attic is on the landing, I have some stuff in the kitchen cupboard which can go up as well. will wait till we have taken the photograph albums over and then everything can go up at the same time.

Back to the apartment for lunch and a couple of hours rest before we take the rest of the contents of the sentry box and the stuff thats on the floor in the pantry, just leaving some cleaning stuff behind.

We met our neighbour this morning, he had been to Tesco grocery shopping, DB spoke to him first. They have no problem with us putting some trellis on the fence which is great. I put a note through the door yesterday asking if they would give us permission to do it. They are off later today on holiday for a few days.

Back from our second trip, now have curtains up at all the windows, and the shed is gradually filling up.

Having the weekend off, need to pack away the glassware from the dresser and the unit in the hall, will do that gradually over the next couple of days.

I could spit....DB found a paint kettle in the shed when he went in yesterday...typical. I went and bought one on Wednesday.

Fish and wedges for supper, banana and raspberry something for dessert with ice cream.


  1. Glad you have met your neighbour and that he sounds very amenable to your suggestion of putting up some trellis. Can picture the clematis climbing around it.
    Please can you tell me what a 'paint kettle' is?
    Take things easy over the weekend.

  2. I'm glad so much was accomplished today and that your new neighbors are agreeable to the trellis. That's a good start!

    What an excellent plan to gather all the attic items so fewer trips up the ladder are needed.

    May I ask what a paint kettle is that makes you want to spit? I am puzzled.

    Enjoy the weekend days at your current home and rest up.


  3. You are getting well sorted, I envy you the attic, I have one but the entrance is so small that I am not going to bother to even look in it. Nice to have amenable neighbours, some of mine are brilliant some not so.


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