Monday, 14 July 2014

Day 9

Exhausted!! We had a viewing this morning at 9.45. DB packed the car before they came so we had a cuppa and were off to the house.

DB worked in the garden, I put a second coat on the dresser base and did the top which is going to need another coat tomorrow, will get the dresser base waxed tomorrow too.

We had some sandwiches left yesterday so I packed them in foil and we had a picnic sitting in the garden,pleasant breeze.

After lunch I unpacked all the glass ware and put it in a cupboard, I have to replace the stuff in the base of the dresser, but the plates etc have gone into a base unit, so I will have more room in the base of the dresser, we decided not to put the doors back on but to leave the shelves open, so took the catches off.

Cup of tea and a scone before we set off for Morrisons I needed a few things to top up the cupboard adter yesterday.

Phone call booking a viewing at 9am on Thursday, someone 'very interested' will have to get up early for that....will pack the car Wednesday night, so we can get off.

Chicken salad for supper, just about all I can manage tonight, painkillers will be in evidence later, also a hot shower.


  1. It seems very inconvenient to me that these people viewing the apartment come so early in the morning, meaning even if you are not showing the apartment, you still need to be up and about. Couldn't the agent supervise the showing at a time more convenient to yourselves. I do hope you are both not overdoing things.
    Good luck with your painting of the dresser.

  2. Glad you accomplished so much and that painting the dresser is going well and is on schedule.

    I agree with whoever it was who asked why you and DB are tasked with showing viewers around the apartment rather than their real estate agent doing that. Perhaps I misunderstood and you only have to be out of the way and have the apartment tidy and ready for the viewers at appt. time. Is that accurate?

    Your plan for painkillers and a hot shower before bedtime sound perfect to me. Hope there was some wine with dinner, too.

    We may have storms this arvo so ran errands late this morning and it was already hot. The high today is forecast to reach 96*F so the rain may be pop-up storms due to the heat and humidity. I'd prefer more gentle rain but cannot be picky as we just plain need rain.

    Hope to sew some later.


  3. To be honest I do not care what time people come to view as long as someone agrees to take it and moved in, I will not have to pay the August rent!! Apparently these people are very keen to see it, so hey ho.......

  4. Love the sentry box! The dresser is looking wonderful already. Sad that you have to go through all this upheval so soon but the new house is beautiful and I hope you will be very happy there Ginny

  5. I personally think that the LL should let you off at least some of the August rent because you have been willing to have viewings at any time even if it doesn't rent and stays empty. Audrey


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