Friday, 11 July 2014

Day 9

It was quite a  grey morning at 7am when we got up. I had not slept well, awake till 4am so a bit tired.

We were at the market and setting up just after 8am, a lot of stalls today which was quite a change from when we were there a few weeks ago.

Business was slow, however we did make £30 clear as we did not have to pay for the stall, it was our first time. Three good sales a lady bought one of the bags with a rooster embroidered on the pocket and 4 of the chicken mug rugs. another lady bought all the drawing stuff we had and one of the jigsaws and another lady bought the purple table centre. We sold quite a few books at 50p and a chap bought the two petrol cans so all in all not a bad day. We are sorting out whats left and it will go to the Rainbows Charity shop in the town. They support the local chidlrens hospice.

Home for lunch, I fell asleep on the settee, I was woken by the phone ringing with another appointment to view tomorrow. We have a run to the house with plants this afternoon, so we will not be going tomorrow.

Arrangements have been made for my blogging friends husbands funeral so we will be in Cambridgeshire a week on Tuesday, just 2 days before we move, so next week I have to finish painting the dresser and get everything we can from here into the new house.

Supper tonight fish and wedges, maybe with salad. Banana and cecream for dessert.


  1. Why are you having to show the house? Realtors here show the properties not the occupants. It's part of how they earn their commissions.

  2. You are doing so well with your house move, may we have a piccie when the dresser is finished and you are settled. I would love to see it, I have a yen to paint my old pine dresser I think it would really give it a new lease of life.
    By the way are you duty bound to keep showing prospective tenants round it must be tiring for you both. Though I do now remember that I believe you mentioned that might save you some rent, I hope so. Well done with your stall I am sure that the lady who bought your handmade goods went away well chuffed!!.

  3. Congratulations on selling several of your items. I'm sure the ladies buying your sewn items will be delighted. You will sleep well tonight, now the sale is over and done with. Fingers crossed that someone will like the apartment and it gets let before you have to pay the extra rent.
    We have had wonderful sunshine all day today. It was even too warm to sit in the garden!! Who needs to go abroad when we can have weather like this. Long may it last though.

  4. Cheers for the good sales of your market stall items!! Will there be stalls available for free in the future so you and DB can do this again if you want to?

    You've had a busy day with the market stall and taking plants to the new house, so I hope you sleep well tonight.

    My yardage of blue ND fabric was a bit short for the quilt backing, so will have to do more piecing.



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