Thursday, 10 July 2014

Day 8

Another bright and sunny day. Plants taken over to the house today. We have brought the removal date forward by 6 days to 24th. That gives me time to get over the move and also clean the apartment before the hand over.

My blogging friends husbands funeral is 22nd so we will be out for the day. No more information than that at the moment, other arrangements to follow.

Today is the day I decided to start and paint the dresser.......

First coat on the dresser. I had washed my brush out when I remembered the drawers..ooppssss. It was dry by the time we came away, second coat on Saturday and will start on the top on Monday, I then have to wax the whole thing and put it back together. The crate on the side has all the china in from the bottom cupboard. I am still trying to decide whether to put the door back on the top again or

DB spent some time in the shed, I put up the two plastic greenhouses for him so he could get the cucumbers in, they are forming tiny fruit just now.

I put the small pots of hostas on the gravel at the top of the garden.

The small plastic green house.

The larger one, DB is tying the cucumbers up, he grew the plants from seed.

I put lining paper in the bottom of the airing cupboard so I can empty the tea towel draw in the kitchen, another job done, I also changed round the boxes on one of the shelf units it was listing to the right, so have evened it up now. I might get DS2 to put a brace across the back when he comes sometime.

The router for the broadband was through the door when we got to the house, it goes live 15th of the month, the telephone is already on.

Back at the apartment a parcel with some foxgloves in through the door. We had lunch in the garden, surveying what is going in the car for the sale tomorrow, still some pots to go, but the bigger ones are going on the removal van including the tomato's. I think one more journey and all the pots we can take will have gone.

Supper tonight is grilled gammon with tomato, fried egg and fried bread. Banana and cram or somesuch for dessert. All the chocolate cake has gone so we are back with scones at afternoon tea today.


  1. Applause!! What a lot has been accomplished!!!!!! Your decision to have the removers come a week earlier makes good sense and I'm glad you thought of that.

    The dresser is looking good. If glassware will go back into the top of the dresser, perhaps you'll want to have the doors on to keep cooking oils off of the glasses. I've often wondered how open shelving works for real cooks and if they're always having to clean the shelves and all the stuff on the shelves. Do you know the answer to this?

    Thanks be to God - it's raining here!

    I hope to cut lime green strips and sew up the ND backing today. I've been at it in drips and dabs for too many days.


  2. The dresser looks lovely in white. Can't wait for the after pix of your kitchen.


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