Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Day 7

Someone who reads my blog has got the wrong end of the stick, its NOT my husband who has died but a blogging friends husband.

A lovely bright sunny day after the torrential down pour we had after supper last night, the garden looks fresher for it though.

Viewers this morning and an appointment made for another viewing on Monday morning.

House viewing put off to 3pm so had a quick trip to the post office to post a parcel and then on to the house.

Books taken up and put on the shelves in the sewing room/guest room, it looks like a bomb has hit just now. I have several files to go through and chuck stuff away. Some things which should have gone in the boxes for the boot sale did not, so I have brought them back with me. I have also just discovered that thread I intended to do to the boot sale has also gone over to the house, so I will have to have a sort out of that tomorrow too.

We will have a trip to the house tomorrow with plants, I hope to start painting the dresser too.....last trip this week unless we decide to go on Saturday, there is not a lot more we can move from the house really, its a case of making sure I do not want to use something and moving it over. I can see us spending time gardening once I have the dresser sorted and the stuff back in it. There are several boxes stuffed under the stairs with crystal and china in, they cannot be emptied until the large chest for the hall and the wall unit go over.

I found a small packet of mince in the freezer,, with the addition of some lentils, a grated courgette and mushroom it will make a meal for us tonight. Potato, calebrese and carrot for veg.

Last of the chocolate cake went for afternoon tea, so guess it will be banana and cream for dessert..


  1. I think my comment must have gone astray as it's not been published. I just wanted to say I'm sorry about the loss of your husband and I think you're being very brave carrying on with your house move.

    Having other family must be a huge help to you at such a time. I hope you'll be able to settle in your new home although it's understandable if this takes some time now.

  2. Well done on all you and DB accomplish each day, with plans for rest and what to do at home on your alternate days there.

    I hope the painting of the dresser goes well. When I painted an unfinished dresser similar to yours it seemed to take ages, especially the interior and between the glass doors. I'd be tempted to leave the interior as is and get some pretty craft paper to put at the back of the glass shelves. Or not, as you choose to do!

    Wishing you great success at the Friday sale!

    We got a little rain last night and are grateful for every drop.



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