Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Day 6

Today was the day that we were to meet a fellow blogger and her husband to hand over some jigsaws. This was a trip which had been put off a couple of weeks ago.

Last week TM contacted me, her husband had been taken ill again and the visit was off, Unfortunately he passed away yesterday. We are both so sad. He was a very courageous man, he had a heart transplant some years ago and had lived life to the full, his wife and two daughters will miss him so much.

We did a quick trip to the house with some of the potted plants, OH went for his INR and I went to the market for some fruit and veg. I have laundry out on the line, hope it dries, forecast is for heavy showers later this afternoon.

The dresser in the kitchen where it is going to stand, not yet painted obviously.

Our LL will be here sometime this afternoon with the chap to service the burglar alarm and we have a viewing of the apartment tomorrow morning. I am keeping my fingers crossed. It would make our life easier financially if they manage to let the apartment for the 4 months.

Supper tonight egg and wedges, DB asked for chocolate cake for dessert, so thats what he will get.


  1. My sympathy to your blogger friend in the loss of her husband. How wonderful that his heart transplant gave him so many more years with his family.

    I'm glad you got so much done today and I join in your hope that your apartment rents quickly so you and DB don't have to pay the Aug. rent.

    It's hot again today and I am melting from the errands I ran. Haven't been in long enough to cool off yet.

    Please save me a piece of chocolate cake! Did you get the cupcake and devilled egg I sent you? Just kidding - we ate them all and methinks they wouldn't have travelled very well either.


  2. So very sorry to hear that your friend's husband passed away. As you say, he must have been very courageous.
    I hope for your sakes that the apartment can be let, but feel the LL does not deserve it. Good luck with all the transplanting of your plants.

  3. Sorry to hear your blogger friend lost her husband.
    We had thunder storms and lots and lots of rain today, I had hoped to work in my garden, however, it is going to be very wet for a couple of days.
    Fingers crossed for the apartment gets rented
    Would love some chocolate cake, however, on the weekend I had my weeks worth of calories. My friend, Dave and I attended a Summer musical festival, at which, foods from different countries were sold. What did we have? Funnel Cake. A thick pancake batter is poured, into hot fat, through a funnel making streams of twisted strings, after it is cooked it floats to the top.. A shake of icing sugar is added, then a large serving of fresh strawberries and two scoops of vanilla ice cream. Obviously, not a healthy concoction, Mmmmm but very good.

  4. So sorry for your friend on the loss of her husband. The dresser looks good in the kitchen. I too hope the place rents soon so you can save a bit of money.


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