Monday, 7 July 2014

Day 5

Bright sunshine, bed stripped and washed all out on the line.

The bottom of the dresser went over in the car this morning along with some of the smaller plants. the sitting room looks quite bare without the dresser in the corner.

I did not manage to put up the rail in the bathroom, I need a different screwdriver.

DB started cutting back the bushes at the side of the garden into a better shape, we put the base of the dresser where it will stand in the kitchen, I plan to start painting it on Wednesday.

It looked like rain so decided to come home and rescue my laundry, by the time we got here the clouds had passed and quite a breeze sprang up, so maybe I will get the sheets etc ironed as well, thats after I have had a Nana nap on the settee.

Supper tonight pasta in a sauce made from soft cheese and garlic spread with garlic bread. DB has opted to have a slice of chocolate cake for dessert.

DB has an INR appointment at the Drs tomorrow, we will fill the car with more plants and take them to the house, I will nip up to the market and do another couple of little jobs whilst he is getting that done, into Morrisons for a couple of things and then home for the rest of the day.

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  1. Cheers for more progress in moving and for sheets fresh from the clothesline! I hope your Nana Nap was restorative and that you and DB had a nice evening.

    It will be nice to see your many plants beautify your new garden!

    It's hot here and I am dismayed I cannot find a box to fit the little gift quilt I need to send off. DH made a hanger for it and the hanger is 18.5" long and that's the problem.

    Sewing-wise, I'm back to piecing a backing for the Nancy Drew quilt.



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