Thursday, 3 July 2014

Day 3 and relax a bit

DB woke with palps in the night, he took his medication and they had gone off this morning, but no moving of boxes today. 3 book cases moved last night and N helped us empty the car.

I am waiting for a delivery this morning, once it arrives we will go to the house and I can get stuff onto the shelves from the floor and also sort out which are to be the food cupboards and get that stuff away too.

I need to pack the crystal from the top of the dresser so it can go over possibly Saturday,then I can paint it next week, must find the masking tape for the doors.

Its a pleasant day, a bit of a breeze should keep the temperature down, it was very close yesterday.

The garden devoid of pots, very large hebe and euronymous at the back will be getting a hair cut later in the year.

In the foreground a hebe that has obviously been in a pot, will clear the rootball and find somewhere for it to go. This bed needs clearing, digging over and compost put on.

Other end of the same bed, think we might use it for growing some salad stuff in the summer.

Another euronymous, need to have a good look at this and decide what to do, the grass will be lifted and a 9" trench filled with gravel at the side of the path. This is destined to be the herbaceous border

The 'thing in the niddle of the lawn is coming out, we will use grass from the back to fill in where it has been, the caravan will stand to the left and hide the bit of the wall where the rendering is coming off.


  1. The garden will look good after you have shown it your hands! You must have green fingers, all your plants seem to survive an up-root or a move, I have moved a bush from the front garden to the back and it's turning up its toes!!! Where's Alan Titchmarsh when you need him!!!!!!

  2. Cheers for medication that works to end DB's annoying palps!!

    More cheers for N's good help in getting the bookcases moved and other things unloaded!

    Your plans for your new garden will make it lovely as you and DB do so well. Is there a patio for your garden table and chairs in the back garden? I hope so as dining al fresco surrounded by lovely plants is a delight. I hope you get good breezes there to keep it from being too hot.

    I agree with rabbitquilter - call Charlie for good help if Alan is busy elsewhere!

    Enjoy the progress you've made already and enjoy your well deserved relaxation, too!


  3. You and DB will soon have both gardens pretty and colourful again. The back garden looks very private too so will be lovely having your morning coffees out there. This house looks very similar to the one you had before the apartment, if I remember rightly, so no doubt it will soon be sparkling again.


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