Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Day 2

A trip to the house this morning with a load from the sewing room, apart from my machine its clear now, so time to start on the pantry.

I got some pork slices out of the freezer, going to zap them in the pressure cooker with some beans, onion, carrot and tomato, enough for tonight with some rice, will freeze the rest for another day.

N is going to take the book cases over for us tonight, so I can get some stuff up off the floor.

I went on the way home and got 3 lampshades, a new bath mat and a curtain rail for the bathroom from Wilkos, then into Argos for the bathroom cabinet. Tried to charge me £49.99, oh no I ordered it last night for collection today at £19.99......eventually I got it for the aforementioned £19.99. It needs putting together, DS2 can do that when he comes next weekend.

I did Tuna mayo and cucumber sandwiches for lunch, we ate them in the garden, its been another lovely day. There was a chap doing an arboreal survey as part of the planning process. It took him all day.

Fell asleep reading in the garden, need to get the car loaded with most of the pantry, Will take the cleaning stuff I do not need here and put it in my corner of the shed.

Turning cooler after a really nice sunny warm day, so jumper on.


  1. Love your new home photo for your blog header!

    Sounds like you and DH had another wonderfully accomplish-full day and that must be so very satisfying. Cheers that you won the discussion about the price of your new bathroom cabinet, too!

    Is your new sewing/guest room larger than the one you're leaving? Hope so!

    When will your kitchen dresser make the journey to the new home so you can paint it?

    It's sunny and horridly hot here but we're in hopes of rain tomorrow and perhaps Friday, too. We really need it.

    Sweet dreams!


  2. Hello there, firstly I am so glad all is going well with the new house. Secondly, I owe you an apology. It seems I upset one of your readers, Gwen. This was not intentional on my part but I was as fed up as you with all the spite you have had directed at you recently. I really do hope that Gwen will come back and read your blog sometime and not stay away.
    Looking forward to reading all about the new house and seeing your wonderful garden pictures.
    Take care Lynda (aka lah2563) xx

  3. Your new house is so charming. I hope you will be very happy there once you are settled. Best Wishes.....

  4. New house looks lovely! I hope you will, at last, have a home without problems, I think you deserve it!! Are the plants in the pots all yours? Looking forward to having a nosey round, and seeing the back garden when you gat your camera out!! Best wishes X

  5. Well done on your accomplishment, you are very organised.
    I am sure you will be happy to be settled and put the distress of the last place behind you. Your new home looks lovely, it will be worth the effort.
    Best wishes,
    Pam in TX

  6. Your new home looks lovely. Those windows must give some good light as well.


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