Friday, 18 July 2014

Day 13

A visit to the council first thing. DB took some stuff to the charity shop, we then went to the house to take more bags and boxes. We are now down to the  very basics here.

DB sat in our garden reading for a while after lunch, the scent of the lilies wafting in through the french doors. We had heavy rain this morning but it has cleared to a warm and sunny afternoon.

More of the lilies have opened today so I have cut the stems, we have 3 in the lily vase here, the rest I am taking to the house when we do a further trip this afternoon.  I have never had such a show as we have this year and I have 2 more pots which I hope will flower when we get them to the new house.

We now have bags on the window seat for last minute items, we can just drop them in as we come across them.

A second run this afternoon, we sat in the grden and drank tea before setting off back to the apartment.

Fish with new potato's and coleslaw for supper with banana and cream for dessert.

This afternoon it has been very muggy, not much air at all, we need a really good storm to clear the air a bit.

Tomorrow we will have a quick run to the house, we have to go to the post office and collect a parcel which the postman tried to deliver today.