Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Day 11.

Another bright morning, laundry out on the whirly before we left for the house.

Decanted the load and OH came back to pick up a second one whilst I waxed the dresser.

The dresser is finished and back together, the reeding is not perfect but then its shabby chic, so not a problem it will look different once the stuff has been replaced.

Someone asked me about the garden at the front, will we do not have one as such, its grass which DB needs to do quite a bit of work on. He has filled in the diamond that was in the centre and we have some feed and weed to go on it once we have had some rain. The tarmac is part of our car parking space. The caravan will go to the far side nearest the wall when we move it next Wednesday.

The house from the front, we have 2 spaces for cars and then the grass. We did not keep the diamond shape that was there it was not in good condition and looked a bit queer, so it came out.

At lunchtime the weather clouded over and as I had left laundry out we decided to pack up for the day. My back was telling me that I had spent most of the morning bent over the dresser top putting the wax on, it was time I sat down. DB had also been lifting grass from the back and filling in where the diamond has been in the front grass si we decided to come home. We nipped to B & Q for another bag of compost, a new spray fitting for the garden hose and some miracle grow.

Laundry all dry so brought in, of course we did not have rain andd the sun is blazing down again now. Typical!!

I did not get up into the loft so its a job I must do first thing in the morning, its difficult to get along the landing anyway, I need to clear some space.

The small cupboard that was in the hall is now under the stairs, it looks ok there we also have a small bookcase which I think is going to join it tomorrow. The books from it are being packed away in boxes later.

We have viewers at 9am in the morning, so an early start, DB has cancelled his bowls game on Saturday, too much still to do.  

Supper tonight chicken and rice and garlic bread, bananas for dessert.       


  1. The dresser looks wonderful.

  2. Thanks for showing the front area. Thats useful having space for the caravan. Is the grass a shared area? I notice it goes across in front of your next door neighbour too.

  3. Your painted dresser looks wonderful and will be even more delightful once filled with things that will sparkle in the light from the kitchen window. What handy storage, too!

    As busy as you two have been and with all you've accomplished, it's good to break off early once to get more rest as you have an early viewing tomorrow.

    It's a cooler day here and AMIL and I were out for her 11a appt for the pacemaker check (all okay), then went to Quilter's Corner as I needed two brighter soft yellow fabrics for the baby Single Irish Chain quilt I'm going to make. Also bought two spools of variegated threads, one of which will be just right for machine quilting this little quilt. A wonderful lunch at Crab Louie's was followed by a stop and Fresh Market and home. AMIL is napping now but we certainly had fun!


  4. The dresser looks lovely hunny, well worth all the work. Bet you are looking forward to a sit down soon xx Ginny


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