Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Day 10

First today I need to welcome a new follower, you are very welcome Maisie, I hope you enjoy my blog and thank you for following.

Second coat on the dresser top, just needs waxing and putting back together, its looking good, not bad for a first attempt. Maybe should have chosen something with less reeding on it.

More books taken over, after lunch I spent some time in the guest/sewing room getting stuff up off the floor, just the cutting mats there now, I will only be using the 18 x24 in the sewing room, so the bigger one will go under our bed, Its 36 x 24 so  will have to use it on the big dining table in the kitchen.

DB has started to relay the stone edging and fill in the piece on the front where we took the diamond shape out, he is using the turf from the back to fill in the space. We need to get some feed and weed on the front grass there is a lot of moss and clover.

We came home a bit earlier today, feet up for an hour or so before I do the macaroni cheese for tonights supper, having wedges with it. Using up the 'sad' lemon drizzle cake for dessert.

It was fine and warm when we went out but clouded over, it was still quite warm sitting on the patio having our lunch, salad sandwiches and yogurt for DB I forgot to put my pear in so will have it later.

We are going to move the caravan tomorrow night into where we usually put our car, it means we can pull straight out next Wednesday when it goes to its new home. Everywhere is beginning to look a bit bare and the apartment echo's, a sign its emptying.

Towels washed and out on the whirly, should be dry.....we have been having 2 showers a day, it sure helps my aches and pains at night.

DB has just realised that in just over a week we will be moving......he has gone mental this afternoon packing stuff in bags and boxes and generally driving me nuts. Granted we have day and a half out next week, he also has two bowls matches.......enough said.

I have just sent off a ream of stuff to my new car insurers which will all have to be changed in a couple of weeks. Had an email to say the broadband has been connected at the house, will have to take the lap top over and sort it out, might do it at the weekend when I am less frazelled.


  1. Good idea to stop earlier and rest up! Hope you stayed seated when DB busied himself with more packing.

    DH drilled two small holes near the corners on one edge of AMIL's large cutting mat, then put two screws in the wall behind her door at the same distance apart as the holes are - and level! AMIL's cutting mat hangs out of the way and flat behind her door. She keeps out of season clothes in bags under her bed. You might like that idea. The holes in the mat are outside the grid area so make no difference in the use of the mat. If you do this, perhaps the mat can be hung out of the way downstairs so you don't have to carry it up and down stairs? Maybe behind the couch or a chair that is against a wall or under the stairs ...?

    I've packed away Nancy Drew and hope to cut strips for the borders of the quilt AMIL is finishing for her SIL. We'll take both quilts to our quilter when the Single Irish Chain top is finished. I'm going to start the baby 9 Patch since babies sometimes arrive before they're due.

    Please keep your fingers crossed that we get rain this arvo and evening. Ta!


  2. You're so busy! Can you tell why you're not keeping the diamond shaped cut out on the front lawn? Is that where your caravan will go? I don't think you've shown us a photo of the front garden apart from the little that can be seen on your header photo.

  3. From Margie in Toronto - What a lot of work moving is! It's a good thing that you are so organized. You will really deserve a few days off once you are settled. Good luck over the next few days.


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