Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Day 1.

We packed the car last night for the first trip this morning.

Paper work signed, DD2 in tow off we went. Everywhere was clean and tidy the rooms bare. Car unpacked we sat and had a cup of tea in the garden. DD2 went off to Tesco, we set off for home and some lunch. We had discovered when we put the boiler on for hot water that the heating came on as well, so switched it off and reported it, the motorised valve needs replaced so its being done.

We went back with a second load and I also took some curtains hooks, we now have curtains up in the sitting room and bedroom, the velvet ones are in the bedroom, they were just too short for the sitting room window, one pair from the sitting room at the apartment are now up in the sitting room. The colour scheme is neutral so the duck egg blue looks fine. I have to get a short rail for the bathroom, one of the blue check curtains will go up there and I will make a tie back.

The chap came to look at the boiler and thermostat, both being done in the next few days.

We sat in the garden to drink our tea, I had taken two of the garden chairs, it looks very bare with all the pots gone, its not going to stay like that for long. Once we have cleared the sewing room and part of the kitchen the plants will be going over and if we get some rain they will be going in.

DB spent some time sweeping out the shed and putting some of his stuff in it, a lot of dust, he was coughing fit to bust at one stage.

Supper tonight, sausage mash and beans with vanilla cheesecake for dessert.

So the start of a busy month although we are having some days off and we are not moving stuff at the weekend.

Tomorrow evening Neil will take the bookcases over for us and we can put some of the stuff up off the floor. We are taking the step ladder over so I can have a look at the loft and see what we can get up there.


  1. I am full of awe at your attitude, if I had to move again so quickly I would be howling at the moon and baying for blood. I was only planning on staying here for 6 months but it will be at least 12. If the rent stays as it is I would consider staying longer, it is a roomy comfortable house and the garden is a manageable size and i love the village.

  2. Applause at all that was accomplished on this first day and after you got the keys to your new home! Cheers that you discovered the problems with the heating so that repair can be made before you're fully moved in. More cheers that curtains you already had will work at these new windows!

    Hope your feet are up for the duration until bedtime comes around.

    Your marvelous organizational skills are laudable!


  3. I'm sure you can't wait until all your stuff is over in your new place.
    Don't take to much out of yourself.
    Love Sylvia

  4. Congratulations on getting so much done on the first day - but don't wear yourselves out! Hope that the new abode is comfortable and you enjoy living there xx


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