Thursday, 17 July 2014

At Last ....Everest Conquered!! Day 12

Or so it seemed. I managed, at last, to get all the stuff from the landing and front bedroom up into the attic, boy was it warm up there!!

Emptied some boxes into the kitchen dresser and put the plates up. 

We also moved the small bookcase this morning. There is a plug socket behind where it stands so a trailing socket needed where I can get at it.

DB finished off moving the stone edging and filled the front space with stone. I now need some gravel to spread over the top.

Back home for lunch, the new kitchen clock had arrived so will put that up this afternoon. The old clock was from the charity shop many years ago, so it did not owe me anything.

We have now started going round and only leaving what we absolutely have to leave, even the medicine cabinet has been emptited. So we are getting there.

Poached eggs on Toast for lunch, I was going to cook mince for tonight but its a bit warm, might do salad something instead.

We plan on another trip to the house late afternoon. I did not sleep too well last night, so a Nana nap on the settee I think.

Viewer this morning seemed quite positive, he has a Hymer motor home so the fact that our caravan was parked spiked some interest, we will see.

DB emailed the LL yesterday the bath has been painted at sometime and the paint is flaking off, found a bare patch last night. He also told her the new removal date and asked for her to be here to hand over the keys after the inventory inspection.

We have now moved all the plants except for the very large pots and planters that will come in the removal van. The lilies are out in the garden, I cut one stalk last night, the scent in the sitting room is glorious.

Anon has been at it again, called me a racist because I used the term asian brethren........funny no one else objected to the term, so everyone who reads my blog must be racist too.

Supper tonight was quiche and salad too hot for the mince I was going to cook. Will cook it later and then re-freeze it. Banana and cream for dessert.


  1. The kitchen dresser turned out so nice....tres shabby chic! Your new apartment is so cute and I hope both of you will be tickled pink to live there. Best wishes for the rest of your move. barb

  2. Love the look of the painted dresser especially as it's now decked out in pretty accessories and your new garden is looking good, too.

    How can "asian brethren" be derogatory? That's just another way of saying brothers from asia. Honestly, some people are ready to see insult where none is meant and that is ridiculous. Please ignore anonymous once again.

    Hope your Nana nap was refreshing and that you're back home from your 2nd trip to the new house, and are now sitting with your feet up, satisfied from a day of accomplishments! Wishing you sweet dreams tonight, too.

    Another cooler day here with sunshine and a nice breeze.


  3. How pretty your dresser looks with all the plates in place. What a great idea it was to paint it. Your back garden looks very neat, and what a lot of plants you have in containers. That will take some sorting out once you decide where in the garden they are to be planted.
    Best wishes when you move next week, and fingers crossed the apartment gets let soon.

  4. The dresser looks brilliant pretty with those plates on it - you must be really pleased. So Anon's back is she/he? still too thick to be able to spell their own name? I suppose we should feel sorry for them - pathetic creature. Good luck for the move next week xxx

  5. The dresser looks fabulous. Hope the flat gets let soon so you are off the hook for it. I enjoy your blog every day and that would not be possible if you were a racist. Hugs.

  6. I can't see which post you're referring to but I wonder in what context you used the word Asian.

    For instance why would you refer to someone being of Asian nationality? Would you use "English" in the same context? Or "Australian" perhaps? What was the reason for you particularly referring to that persons nationality?

  7. Lovely dresser.
    It is so easy to block anonymous comments via Blogger. Could you not do that and put an end to this person's interference?

  8. You do have to be VERY careful what you say/write these days. Personally I wouldn't refer to a persons nationality unless there was a just reason for it, even then you have to very careful.

    There are good and bad in all nationalities but for some reason only some nationalities get singled out and then they're referred to as a whole.

    As I can't see a post that this refers to perhaps you could enlighten us what it was about?


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