Saturday, 26 July 2014

Another Sunny Day

Did not sleep well last night it was too hot, I am about the change the 4.5tog duvet for a sheet, will leave the quilt folded at the bottom of the bed in case its cooler during the night.

DB had palps again this morning, he got a wigging from me, that's the second time in 3 days. They did go off fairly quickly after he took his medication but that's not the point.

We finally managed to get the TV to work, now the printer is having a hissy fit and will not connect wirelessly or with the USB lead, blooming thing. 

I have got rid of all the boxes etc bar one from the sitting room, still have a sewing room like a tip but it can stay like that. The sitting room rug is creeping ever closer to DB, I need to see if I can get some sort of gripper to stop it before it covers him over.

Read the meters this morning, not used all that much since we got the keys.

The giant lily is about to break into flower, wonder what colour it is. 

Its very warm again today, we need rain the garden is so dry. DB is watering every other day.

Toad in the hole for supper with veg, guess we will be eating in the garden again. I have done oranges in jelly for dessert, they will do tomorrow as well. 

DD2 and I are going to Aldi in the morning, the fridge and freezer are both looking very empty.

Its been staggeringly hot again today, not so much breeze to cool it down. DB retired to bed for a snooze and I had a Nana nap on the settee.

We again ate our supper in the garden finished off the bottle of sparkling wine we started yesterday.


  1. Hi! Glad to see I can comment.

    To EVERYONE: Only kind, thoughtful remarks allowed here so all who choose to post a comment, PAY ATTENTION to this rule. Please and thank you.

    Well done on the amazing progress you've made in unpacking if you have only one box left that's full (the sewing room doesn't count!). Applause!!

    Sorry the palps are again bothering DB, but at least he has helpful pills to take to stop them, and especially, that y'all got thru most of this move with him in good health.

    Dinner and dessert sound yummy. This diet I'm on has me thinking about food more than usual and even reading cookbooks. Oh, well, reading is calorie-free!

    I've auditioned some different border fabrics for the baby 9 Patch and think I'm going in a completely different direction for border colors. Photo soon.


  2. Glad you have opened up your comments again. Congratulations on your move. Your new abode looks lovely and you have already made the outside look like home. Best wishes for you both in your new home. Ann x

  3. It sounds as though your move is progressing well. Before you know it everything will be in its place and it will feel like home. Fortunately you aren't having to make this move in the middle of winter....that's something to be thankful for. Our weather here is scorching and humid. I love the frog and I hope he moved with you...! Barb


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