Thursday, 31 July 2014


I think there is a change coming in the weather.It was sunny early on but then clouded over, lunchtime it was sunny, but as we sat in the garden with DD2 there was a nasty black cloud coming over and DB has just said its raining. We do need rain but the gentle sort not the thunderstorms they have had in the south.

DB spent the morning in his shed, I went up to the back bedroom but did not get very far, came down to make the morning tea, made a chocolate cake for this afternoon and then realised I had no icing sugar, so it was across the road to Tesco, also picked up some garlic bread which I forgot on Sunday.

DB went for a snooze, I was just about to drift off when DD arrived, so tea made, cake eaten.

Macaroni cheese, celery, tomato and cucumber salad for supper, banana for dessert.

I need to take it easy for a couple of days, feeling tired and very achy, qite a bit of pain too. I am off to see my quilting friend tomorrow, have a couple of jobs to do on the way

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Handing back the keys

It was sunny when we got up and we had our breakfast sitting outside, but as the morning wore on it began to cloud over.

I spoke to my tame techie this morning about our printer, upshot I have to buy a new one so thats £100 down the pan. I have ordered one from Argos and will collect it later. We plan to visit the library at the same time. We will have to pay for parking which is a bind but I am not carrying a printer miles and there is no free parking near Argos, its in a pedestrian part of the town.

The little unit was waxed this morning and looks fine, so it will go up on Saturday when I hope DS2 will grace us with a visit.

Chap came this morning and put a new phone extension in and tidied up the cables behind the TV so all is now nice and neat, no phone lodged on the window cill and the router standing on the floor.

This afternoon we went and cleaned the apartment and handed back the keys. It was a sight cleaner than when we moved in. I felt sad it was a lovely apartment and we had hoped to be there a long time, however, that was not to be and we are settling into our new home.

Went and got books from the library, collected the printer and came home, everything is sore, so I will have to take extra medication, I had a bit of a job to walk. No good.

The blasted TV is playing up again, chap came this morning and put us a new telephone socked in for the BB etc and now the TV is not showing a signal aarrgghhhhhh..............every time that chap comes the TV goes on strike and I am not buying a new one!!

Liver and bacon for supper, DBs favourite for dessert, banana and cream.

Some one tell me its bedtime!!

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Moving day + 5

Another lovely day, not so hot as there is a nice breeze. DB was so tired last night he fell asleep watching TV, so I made him have a rest day today. We have sat in the garden reading. Breakfast and lunch eaten on the patio and I guess supper will be too.

I have sorted out a bin full of quilting patterns that I know I am not going to ever have time to make, reduced 5 large folders to 3 middle sized one and now have a folder full of the poly envelopes I keep stuff in. More sorting going on in the sewing/guest room, I am trying to do a bit each day.

We decided this morning not to clean the apartment today but go tomorrow after lunch and do it then, meet up with LL get final meter readings, sort out how much cash she wants for the 12 days before the new tenant moves in and hand over the keys

Guess what I did manage to do this morning????? Many years ago I went to stay with a friend in Indiana. We went to the Paducah quilt show and then to Shipshewana to visit the Amish community. I begged a small wall cabinet from her to bring home, a reminder of a wonderful time with a very good friend. This morning it got the 'Annie Sloan treatment'. The paint dried really quickly in the sun. I have  left the drawer fronts the original colour as it matches the knobs on the dresser, and the unit is to be fixed on the wall next to the dresser

I just have it to wax tomorrow morning, replace the hooks I removed from the bottom and its ready to go.

Supper tonight, gammn fried eggs tomato and wedges. Banana for dessert. DB will have cream I will have yogurt.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Post move day 4

Another sunny morning, we had breakfast on the patio whilst the washing machine did its thing, all the laundry is dry except for OH,'s track suit trousers which always take ages, they are quite thick.

No Monday clean, normal service will resume next Monday. Went to put the caravan battery on charge, could not find the adapter. No idea where it is have not seen it since we charged up the battery before we went to Scotland. So as we need to move the van asap I have had to order a new one...grrrrrr.......

I started on clearing the stuff I know I am no longer going to need in my quilting stuff, patterns etc I am never going to make, plus other stuff I kept from when I was sewing to order. A lot of it has to be shredded as it has credit card slips etc on.

DB has cut the grass, no sign of the frog this morning, guess he is hiding somewhere, I need to find something we can put water in for him thats not too deep. Edges of the lawn are being done.

Frustrating time on the phone to various people, had a final bill from the water board for.....wait for it must have cost them more than that to send the bill......DB rang up to pay it and was told they will have to add it to our new bill as they can't accept less than £1 in payment........what a load of idiots. I also spoke to SSE about switching our supply over, wish I hadn't bothered, it took me over an hour to go through all the spiel, they then tells me it will take up to 6 weeks for the changes to go through. When we changed to SSE in March it took 4 days for the electric and 9 days for the gas. We are still waiting for NPower to sort out the bill they sent us which was a load of rubbish. they also want £20 a month more than we were paying in a 3 bedroomed house......well when the first bill comes in I am going to be putting down the DD and getting some cash back.

Not a happy bunny this afternoon......I also found out we have to pay 12 days rent as the chap is not signing for the apartment until 9th August, so another £200 bites the dust. That LL has cost us a lot of money and grief.

Its been another really nice day, could do with the weather changing though, we need rain so badly.

I have had a minor success, I took cuttings off the hydrangea in the garden and they both appear to have taken as has the clematis cutting I 'aquired' when we were at the garden open day recently. It needs potting on, will wait a bit before I pot on the hydrangea though, looks like I might have one to sell. I plan to grow it in a pot.

Herb fritatta and salad for supper, the last of the oranges in jelly. DB has asked for apple and blackberry crumble for tomorrow night as I have apples and a load of clackberries iin the freezer.

Think we will be eating outside again tonight.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Wall to wall sunshine.

Another really lovely day, but a nice breeze so it did not get as hot as yesterday.

We had breakfast, lunch and supper out on the patio and loved it.

DD2, DGD and I went to Aldi this morning, it was heaving, very difficult to get round, several things were out of stock and they had a change round so things were not where you usually found them. I stopped off for coffee with DD2 and then dropped the shopping home and went to Tesco to get sparkling water and cream crackers which I could not find at Aldi.

After lunch DB had a siesta and I had a Nana nap on the settee, since then apart from cooking the supper we have been just pottering, things are gradually disappearing and the kitchen sitting room and our bedroom as as near to ok as they can be. Just a couple of things to do.

Whilst I was out DB was pottering in the garden, guess what he found????

We had a stow away, the frog looks like the one we had in the garden at the apartment, I guess he jumped into one of the trays to keep cool and got a new home. Hope he earns his keep, keeping the slugs down. We will have to sort out a little water splash for him.

The patio at the side of the fence, we have moved a lot of the pots onto the piece of ground which will, in time become a herb bed.

The climbing beans on the gravel at the top of the garden. We had a picking off them for supper tonight, from plant to plate in less than an hour, delicious.

We also have some tomato's ripening.

We were forecast rain in the night, there was a slight shower but not much, according to those 'that know' the weather is to break tonight. Its has been a lovely spell of fine weather, Thursday was not a good day to move it was so hot, but we managed, and now we can begin to live our lives in our new home.

We have a couple of 'engagements' this week, one is to go and clean the apartment and leave it as I would wish to find it, the other to hand over the keys and sort out how much we have to pay in rent before the chap moves in and when we get our deposit back.

We found the planning application on the council web site, to demolish the house and build 9 houses on the site 2 pairs of semi detached and 5 detached houses, we will follow the application with interest!!

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Another Sunny Day

Did not sleep well last night it was too hot, I am about the change the 4.5tog duvet for a sheet, will leave the quilt folded at the bottom of the bed in case its cooler during the night.

DB had palps again this morning, he got a wigging from me, that's the second time in 3 days. They did go off fairly quickly after he took his medication but that's not the point.

We finally managed to get the TV to work, now the printer is having a hissy fit and will not connect wirelessly or with the USB lead, blooming thing. 

I have got rid of all the boxes etc bar one from the sitting room, still have a sewing room like a tip but it can stay like that. The sitting room rug is creeping ever closer to DB, I need to see if I can get some sort of gripper to stop it before it covers him over.

Read the meters this morning, not used all that much since we got the keys.

The giant lily is about to break into flower, wonder what colour it is. 

Its very warm again today, we need rain the garden is so dry. DB is watering every other day.

Toad in the hole for supper with veg, guess we will be eating in the garden again. I have done oranges in jelly for dessert, they will do tomorrow as well. 

DD2 and I are going to Aldi in the morning, the fridge and freezer are both looking very empty.

Its been staggeringly hot again today, not so much breeze to cool it down. DB retired to bed for a snooze and I had a Nana nap on the settee.

We again ate our supper in the garden finished off the bottle of sparkling wine we started yesterday.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Moving Day + 1

Gosh it was warm last night. I had put the low tog duvet on the bed, I slept most of the night on top of it.

We were both shattered so a warm shower and bed just after 10pm, we were asleep by 10.30.

A bit of a lie in this morning, breakfast eaten at the table with the back door open. DB out to the shed, we have moved some of the plants round to give us a bit more room on the patio, it was getting a bit crowded.

I sorted out some more stuff and decided we could 'loose' a chair and the circular table, however the table has ended up as a beside table in the sewing/guest room.

DB realised he had not set the alarm at the old place and had also left the Dyson there, so a quick trip for me. I also found the recipe book from the bread maker I realised was missing. Picked up a couple of mats for the hall and kitchen and back again.

We had one of DB's cucumbers in a sandwich for lunch with tuna mayo, delicious.

DD2 was here this afternoon, we took her back home and collected 2 more white buckets for the garden, we store water in them. The compost bin also arrived, so thats in place.

I washed the quilt from our bed, it was good to see it wafting gemtly in the breeze.

The TV appears to have had some sort of fit, could not get it to connect with the freestat box at all, so we will be sitting in the garden reading.

We had supper outside, I opened a bottle of Lambrusco to have with it. Pork and been casserole with mash, carrots cauliflower and one of our own courgjettes lightly steamed.

Its been another very warm day. OH spend most of it in the garden. I have managed to make uo the guest room bed, just have to sort out my sewing stuff and I will be readdy to go.

No plans for tomorrow, will take DD2 to Aldi in Syston on Sunday.

The front of the house. 2 pots of hostas starting to go back now and the geraniums are beginning to bloom in the containers.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

We have Moved!!!!

Well we chose the hottest day of the year, but we made it.

7.15am we were up and the removers landed at 8.10. A tour of the house to assess what had to go. A take in of breath and shaking of heads, that 3 door wardrobe might have to be taken to bits!! 

DB drove me to the house with the linen etc from the beds and the last minutes things we packed. I stayed at the house whilst he went back to supervise the rest of the loading.

By 10.30 they were here and rapidly unpacked the lorry, everything was placed where we wanted it, although some of it will be moved in due course. The wardrobe went up the stairs no problem and is now in the alcove in our bedroom. The job was finished by 12.30 so away they went.

I had managed to connect the washing machine up, 3 loads washed and dried on the line, if it was not for the breeze I fear it would have been roasting.

We sat in the garden and ate our lunch. The removers had just gone when the airel chappie came, so we now have both TV and broadband. One weird thing we did not have a dialling tone on the phone although it made calls out and DD2 phoned so we were getting incoming calls. Once I had connected the router we had a dialling tone.

The bed is made and our room is respectable, I still have to go through the wardrobes and put the clothes in properly, but that can wait till tomorrow. We have got more work to do over the next couple of days but by Monday we should be sorted. DS2 is coming over next weekend to hang things on the walls.

We are both crackered, had to keep making DB sit down. We are going to sit and watch an old Foyles War, have a shower and off to bed.

Fish and wedges, creme caramel and cream for supper.Plants watered, just enjoying a cup of tea.

Very little room left on the patio, its a squeeze to sit down.

Beans lilies and clematis on the gravel at the top of the garden.

We just managed to sit down and no more.

Our first cucumber, DB thought it was a funny shaped leaf.

Looking from the kitchen into the sitting room.

Give us a few days to get the house as we want it, then we can start getting some of the 100+ plants in the garden and begin to enjoy the house.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Tomorrow is moving day

This time tomorrow hopefully we will be at our new house with the furniture more or less in place.

The move has been stressful at times, but we have got there, we plan to do one last run tonight with things we will not need in the morning and then back here to sleep.

Its been another very warm day. We moved the caravan today, had to have a bit of help getting it onto the grass and its not really in the right place, but I will put the charger on it on Friday and we will move it to its resting place then.

LL came just before supper to look at the bath where the paint has peeled off, its not much but it needs doing before any more water gets under it.

YS chicken kiev's with salad for supper, had creme caramel and cream for dessert.

Our last night in an apartment we had hoped would be our home for the foreseeable future, it was not to be. Such a shame that a lovely historic house is to be pulled down and the site sold for redevelopment, but I suppose that progress. I still feel that we should have been told what was going on before we were, two months after we moved in to get a letter informing us of what was going to happen was a shock and has caused us more than a little anguish.

I am glad that the let has been agreed, we just have to pay a weeks rent which will please my bank manager and my wallet.

It may be a couple of days before I am on line again, I have to install the router and connect to the new broadband, may not get round to it for a couple of days.

So for now cheerio............

Tuesday, 22 July 2014


We did not get to the funeral today, DB was not well when he woke up, so the day was a wash out. I was very upset, emailed TM to let her know.

Not much done, spent the day taking it easy.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Saturday 2

Lots of rain overnight and rained most of the morning too. A quick trip to the local sorting office to collect a parcel from a quilting friend in Scotland. The promised Solomon Seal corms and a piece of lovely fabric with chickens and cockerels on it. I have to think what I can make with it.

Baking done since I got back, ring of scone for DD2 when she gets here and also Spag Bol sauce for supper, topping for a crumble and put a loaf on, I will slice and freeze the loaf so we have bread to see us through the week. Flour etc, scales and bread maker will go to the house tomorrow morning along with anything else we can do without.

Its still very muggy despite the rain, did not sleep well again last night thanks to the heat and the cat from upstairs yowling at some ungodly hour.

The rain cleared up after lunch and DB decided to clean the roof and back of the caravan, despite me asking him not to do it until we were at the new house. By the time we come to move it on Wednesday it will be just as bad again.At least where it is going there are no trees so no bird droppings all down it.

DS'2s partners mother passed away yesterday afternoon, so DS has had to arrange for someone else to do the jobs he was going to do this weekend as he has both the girls.  Time will tell now what is going to happen. Grandma used to have the girls during school holidays. Last year DS was asked if he could take time off to look after the girls during the long summer holiday. He pointed out that if he did there would be no maintenance money, no work, no money. We will have to wait and see what evolves over the next few weeks.

Supper tonight, aforementioned spag bol, chocolate whip for dessert.

Monday countdown

I have been bombarded over the weekend with anonymous comments again, so I am not allowing comments on my blog. I am sorry for those of you who always leave comments but its the only way. I just cannot condone the comments that have been made.

Back from seeing the surgeon about my eyes, they are going to do my left eye first despite what the optician said when I went to get my eyes tested. So I am on the waiting list, gave them our new address for the letter it will be done at Loughborough hospital.

DB playing in a bowls competition this afternoon, so I will be having a Nana nap whilst he is out. Did not sleep well last night, he had the fidgets.

Supper tonight, bacon, egg, tomato's and fried bread, rhubarb crumble to follow.

Just heard that the flat has been let subject to references, so we just have to pay a weeks rent to 3rd August. Better than a slap in the face with a wet kipper!!

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Sunday day 14?

A quick trip to the house this morning. DB is generally driving me nuts, I will have to get his carrot on a stick and  my hat with holes in for my ears once again. My temper is getting rather short........

Cheese and tomato sandwiches for lunch finished off my stock of Aldi lager shandy. I was devastated to find a loaf I made a few days ago was mouldy, it just shows the state of the humidity and damp in this house. Good job I had made another yesterday. Its sliced, took out enough for todays lunch the rest is in the freezer being frozen in slices for later in the week.

Despite yesterdays rain its very humid and close, we sat in the garden for lunch, no breeze and I spotted the first wasp of the season drifting around my lager glass.

A rather long Nana nap this afternoon, hips and knees playing up and I am very tired.

Roast pork, roast spuds hg beans, calebrease and carrots with the rhubarb crumble for dessert.

This time next week it will all be over and hopefully we will be sitting in a new garden, enjoying the sunshine.

Saturday, 19 July 2014


A bit of a rant.

 As you know one of my blogging friends lost her husband recently. This morning I received a comment from a fellow blogger which I have not published as some of the comment was very offensive.  I would like to point out to this person that  gitf had discussed with her husband the real chance that her husband, who was a great deal older then her and also had a heart transplant, was more than likely to die before her and they should put away money to see her through this period. Very wise....... as soon as he died his income ceased whilst the various parties sort out widows pensions etc, so, as a stay at home mum well under pensionable age, she needed money to care for her 2 teenage children. In past times a situation like this could have resulted the widow and children going into the workhouse!! GITF and her late husband were very prudent in making sure that there was money available to pay for his funeral and see them safely through till his financial affairs were sorted out.

If they had read back through GITF's blog they would have seen that this was discussed freely, and I for one applaud the fact that she will not have to 'scrape the barrel' through the coming weeks.

The whole family is grief stricken, but are doing their best to cope and stay positive.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Day 13

A visit to the council first thing. DB took some stuff to the charity shop, we then went to the house to take more bags and boxes. We are now down to the  very basics here.

DB sat in our garden reading for a while after lunch, the scent of the lilies wafting in through the french doors. We had heavy rain this morning but it has cleared to a warm and sunny afternoon.

More of the lilies have opened today so I have cut the stems, we have 3 in the lily vase here, the rest I am taking to the house when we do a further trip this afternoon.  I have never had such a show as we have this year and I have 2 more pots which I hope will flower when we get them to the new house.

We now have bags on the window seat for last minute items, we can just drop them in as we come across them.

A second run this afternoon, we sat in the grden and drank tea before setting off back to the apartment.

Fish with new potato's and coleslaw for supper with banana and cream for dessert.

This afternoon it has been very muggy, not much air at all, we need a really good storm to clear the air a bit.

Tomorrow we will have a quick run to the house, we have to go to the post office and collect a parcel which the postman tried to deliver today.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

At Last ....Everest Conquered!! Day 12

Or so it seemed. I managed, at last, to get all the stuff from the landing and front bedroom up into the attic, boy was it warm up there!!

Emptied some boxes into the kitchen dresser and put the plates up. 

We also moved the small bookcase this morning. There is a plug socket behind where it stands so a trailing socket needed where I can get at it.

DB finished off moving the stone edging and filled the front space with stone. I now need some gravel to spread over the top.

Back home for lunch, the new kitchen clock had arrived so will put that up this afternoon. The old clock was from the charity shop many years ago, so it did not owe me anything.

We have now started going round and only leaving what we absolutely have to leave, even the medicine cabinet has been emptited. So we are getting there.

Poached eggs on Toast for lunch, I was going to cook mince for tonight but its a bit warm, might do salad something instead.

We plan on another trip to the house late afternoon. I did not sleep too well last night, so a Nana nap on the settee I think.

Viewer this morning seemed quite positive, he has a Hymer motor home so the fact that our caravan was parked spiked some interest, we will see.

DB emailed the LL yesterday the bath has been painted at sometime and the paint is flaking off, found a bare patch last night. He also told her the new removal date and asked for her to be here to hand over the keys after the inventory inspection.

We have now moved all the plants except for the very large pots and planters that will come in the removal van. The lilies are out in the garden, I cut one stalk last night, the scent in the sitting room is glorious.

Anon has been at it again, called me a racist because I used the term asian brethren........funny no one else objected to the term, so everyone who reads my blog must be racist too.

Supper tonight was quiche and salad too hot for the mince I was going to cook. Will cook it later and then re-freeze it. Banana and cream for dessert.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Day 11.

Another bright morning, laundry out on the whirly before we left for the house.

Decanted the load and OH came back to pick up a second one whilst I waxed the dresser.

The dresser is finished and back together, the reeding is not perfect but then its shabby chic, so not a problem it will look different once the stuff has been replaced.

Someone asked me about the garden at the front, will we do not have one as such, its grass which DB needs to do quite a bit of work on. He has filled in the diamond that was in the centre and we have some feed and weed to go on it once we have had some rain. The tarmac is part of our car parking space. The caravan will go to the far side nearest the wall when we move it next Wednesday.

The house from the front, we have 2 spaces for cars and then the grass. We did not keep the diamond shape that was there it was not in good condition and looked a bit queer, so it came out.

At lunchtime the weather clouded over and as I had left laundry out we decided to pack up for the day. My back was telling me that I had spent most of the morning bent over the dresser top putting the wax on, it was time I sat down. DB had also been lifting grass from the back and filling in where the diamond has been in the front grass si we decided to come home. We nipped to B & Q for another bag of compost, a new spray fitting for the garden hose and some miracle grow.

Laundry all dry so brought in, of course we did not have rain andd the sun is blazing down again now. Typical!!

I did not get up into the loft so its a job I must do first thing in the morning, its difficult to get along the landing anyway, I need to clear some space.

The small cupboard that was in the hall is now under the stairs, it looks ok there we also have a small bookcase which I think is going to join it tomorrow. The books from it are being packed away in boxes later.

We have viewers at 9am in the morning, so an early start, DB has cancelled his bowls game on Saturday, too much still to do.  

Supper tonight chicken and rice and garlic bread, bananas for dessert.       

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Day 10

First today I need to welcome a new follower, you are very welcome Maisie, I hope you enjoy my blog and thank you for following.

Second coat on the dresser top, just needs waxing and putting back together, its looking good, not bad for a first attempt. Maybe should have chosen something with less reeding on it.

More books taken over, after lunch I spent some time in the guest/sewing room getting stuff up off the floor, just the cutting mats there now, I will only be using the 18 x24 in the sewing room, so the bigger one will go under our bed, Its 36 x 24 so  will have to use it on the big dining table in the kitchen.

DB has started to relay the stone edging and fill in the piece on the front where we took the diamond shape out, he is using the turf from the back to fill in the space. We need to get some feed and weed on the front grass there is a lot of moss and clover.

We came home a bit earlier today, feet up for an hour or so before I do the macaroni cheese for tonights supper, having wedges with it. Using up the 'sad' lemon drizzle cake for dessert.

It was fine and warm when we went out but clouded over, it was still quite warm sitting on the patio having our lunch, salad sandwiches and yogurt for DB I forgot to put my pear in so will have it later.

We are going to move the caravan tomorrow night into where we usually put our car, it means we can pull straight out next Wednesday when it goes to its new home. Everywhere is beginning to look a bit bare and the apartment echo's, a sign its emptying.

Towels washed and out on the whirly, should be dry.....we have been having 2 showers a day, it sure helps my aches and pains at night.

DB has just realised that in just over a week we will be moving......he has gone mental this afternoon packing stuff in bags and boxes and generally driving me nuts. Granted we have day and a half out next week, he also has two bowls matches.......enough said.

I have just sent off a ream of stuff to my new car insurers which will all have to be changed in a couple of weeks. Had an email to say the broadband has been connected at the house, will have to take the lap top over and sort it out, might do it at the weekend when I am less frazelled.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Day 9

Exhausted!! We had a viewing this morning at 9.45. DB packed the car before they came so we had a cuppa and were off to the house.

DB worked in the garden, I put a second coat on the dresser base and did the top which is going to need another coat tomorrow, will get the dresser base waxed tomorrow too.

We had some sandwiches left yesterday so I packed them in foil and we had a picnic sitting in the garden,pleasant breeze.

After lunch I unpacked all the glass ware and put it in a cupboard, I have to replace the stuff in the base of the dresser, but the plates etc have gone into a base unit, so I will have more room in the base of the dresser, we decided not to put the doors back on but to leave the shelves open, so took the catches off.

Cup of tea and a scone before we set off for Morrisons I needed a few things to top up the cupboard adter yesterday.

Phone call booking a viewing at 9am on Thursday, someone 'very interested' will have to get up early for that....will pack the car Wednesday night, so we can get off.

Chicken salad for supper, just about all I can manage tonight, painkillers will be in evidence later, also a hot shower.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

What a busy day!!

Last night we watched the re run of House of Cards on the drama channel, it did not finish until midnight, so we were late to bed, which meant we were late getting up.

We were expecting DS2 and co and DD2 and DGD at some point, DD2 arrived wet through, it was pouring with rain, we had tea and then I prepared two plates of sandwiches, egg mayo and cheese and tomato. We had finished lunch when DS2 appeared with youngest GD. His ex partners mother is seriously ill with cancer and was taken into hospital yesterday so he is all at sixes and sevens just now doing what he can to have the children. They had eaten before he came, so the sandwiches are wrapped in foil in the fridge. We are going to spend most of the day at the house tomorrow there are various things we want to do. The sandwiches will save me having to pack up tomorrow we will have our lunch at the house.

DD2 was going to the pictures so they left not long after lunch, once DS2 had a cup of tea he started taking stuff down and filling the holes, you cannot see where the things were hung on the walls. He is coming Aug 2nd to do whats needed at the new house. Next weekend he is driving up to the games in Glasgow to deliver veg and fruit, the following weekend he is taking the children to Mablethorpe camping for the weekend.

We took him to have a look at the house, he seems to think its ok.....,dropped us at home on his way back to Corby.

It was wet this morning but cleared up after lunch, DB and DS2 moved the sentry box to the front door, then DB dug up and potted two clematis and also a white lupin, he has kept the head which had formed some seed pods, so thats going to be hung in the shed for the seeds to mature so I can start them off next year. Little GD spent some time with DB in the garden, she is very articulate for 2 1/2 has a good grasp of colours and was asking questions about what DB was doing and why.

The sentry box is the small shed that DB used for his gardening stuff here.

Supper prepped, roast chicken, potato's, cauli, calebrease and carrots.....strawberry whip for dessert, I am too shattered to do anything else.

We are now on the countdown to the move, the next week is going to be busy as the following week I have an appointment with the eye specialist Monday, we go to my blogging friends husbands funeral on Tuesday, so we just have the Wednesday to move anything that is not needed here. Thursday we move.

I am shattered once supper is over I am on the settee for the rest of the night.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Today is a day of rest

Another lovely bright sunny day. We were a bit later getting up this morning, thankfully I slept better last night.

By 9.45 we were on our way into town on the bus. OH to the library and me to Boyes for a couple of things. I remembered that DD2 was coming tomorrow and had decided to make a lemon drizzle car, when, flash of light, I realised that the loaf tins were at the new house.....sugar...then I remembered we had not sold the silicone loaf tin at the boot sale yesterday so hooked it out and whilst in Boyes got some paper cases, so lemon drizzle cake it is.

The viewers came to see the apartment, a young couple, seemed impressed with the size of the place especially the bedrooms, seems they are bigger than the ones they have where they are now.

After bacon and sauce sandwiches DB got ready for his game of bowls, I decided it was time for a Nana nap, I need to keep my strength up!!

DS sent a message to say he is coming tomorrow rather than next Saturday as he has to go up to Scotland next a good job the LDC was in the oven.

No supper tonight DB get his at the game and I will make a salad sandwich for mine.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Day 9

It was quite a  grey morning at 7am when we got up. I had not slept well, awake till 4am so a bit tired.

We were at the market and setting up just after 8am, a lot of stalls today which was quite a change from when we were there a few weeks ago.

Business was slow, however we did make £30 clear as we did not have to pay for the stall, it was our first time. Three good sales a lady bought one of the bags with a rooster embroidered on the pocket and 4 of the chicken mug rugs. another lady bought all the drawing stuff we had and one of the jigsaws and another lady bought the purple table centre. We sold quite a few books at 50p and a chap bought the two petrol cans so all in all not a bad day. We are sorting out whats left and it will go to the Rainbows Charity shop in the town. They support the local chidlrens hospice.

Home for lunch, I fell asleep on the settee, I was woken by the phone ringing with another appointment to view tomorrow. We have a run to the house with plants this afternoon, so we will not be going tomorrow.

Arrangements have been made for my blogging friends husbands funeral so we will be in Cambridgeshire a week on Tuesday, just 2 days before we move, so next week I have to finish painting the dresser and get everything we can from here into the new house.

Supper tonight fish and wedges, maybe with salad. Banana and cecream for dessert.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Day 8

Another bright and sunny day. Plants taken over to the house today. We have brought the removal date forward by 6 days to 24th. That gives me time to get over the move and also clean the apartment before the hand over.

My blogging friends husbands funeral is 22nd so we will be out for the day. No more information than that at the moment, other arrangements to follow.

Today is the day I decided to start and paint the dresser.......

First coat on the dresser. I had washed my brush out when I remembered the drawers..ooppssss. It was dry by the time we came away, second coat on Saturday and will start on the top on Monday, I then have to wax the whole thing and put it back together. The crate on the side has all the china in from the bottom cupboard. I am still trying to decide whether to put the door back on the top again or

DB spent some time in the shed, I put up the two plastic greenhouses for him so he could get the cucumbers in, they are forming tiny fruit just now.

I put the small pots of hostas on the gravel at the top of the garden.

The small plastic green house.

The larger one, DB is tying the cucumbers up, he grew the plants from seed.

I put lining paper in the bottom of the airing cupboard so I can empty the tea towel draw in the kitchen, another job done, I also changed round the boxes on one of the shelf units it was listing to the right, so have evened it up now. I might get DS2 to put a brace across the back when he comes sometime.

The router for the broadband was through the door when we got to the house, it goes live 15th of the month, the telephone is already on.

Back at the apartment a parcel with some foxgloves in through the door. We had lunch in the garden, surveying what is going in the car for the sale tomorrow, still some pots to go, but the bigger ones are going on the removal van including the tomato's. I think one more journey and all the pots we can take will have gone.

Supper tonight is grilled gammon with tomato, fried egg and fried bread. Banana and cram or somesuch for dessert. All the chocolate cake has gone so we are back with scones at afternoon tea today.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Day 7

Someone who reads my blog has got the wrong end of the stick, its NOT my husband who has died but a blogging friends husband.

A lovely bright sunny day after the torrential down pour we had after supper last night, the garden looks fresher for it though.

Viewers this morning and an appointment made for another viewing on Monday morning.

House viewing put off to 3pm so had a quick trip to the post office to post a parcel and then on to the house.

Books taken up and put on the shelves in the sewing room/guest room, it looks like a bomb has hit just now. I have several files to go through and chuck stuff away. Some things which should have gone in the boxes for the boot sale did not, so I have brought them back with me. I have also just discovered that thread I intended to do to the boot sale has also gone over to the house, so I will have to have a sort out of that tomorrow too.

We will have a trip to the house tomorrow with plants, I hope to start painting the dresser too.....last trip this week unless we decide to go on Saturday, there is not a lot more we can move from the house really, its a case of making sure I do not want to use something and moving it over. I can see us spending time gardening once I have the dresser sorted and the stuff back in it. There are several boxes stuffed under the stairs with crystal and china in, they cannot be emptied until the large chest for the hall and the wall unit go over.

I found a small packet of mince in the freezer,, with the addition of some lentils, a grated courgette and mushroom it will make a meal for us tonight. Potato, calebrese and carrot for veg.

Last of the chocolate cake went for afternoon tea, so guess it will be banana and cream for dessert..

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Day 6

Today was the day that we were to meet a fellow blogger and her husband to hand over some jigsaws. This was a trip which had been put off a couple of weeks ago.

Last week TM contacted me, her husband had been taken ill again and the visit was off, Unfortunately he passed away yesterday. We are both so sad. He was a very courageous man, he had a heart transplant some years ago and had lived life to the full, his wife and two daughters will miss him so much.

We did a quick trip to the house with some of the potted plants, OH went for his INR and I went to the market for some fruit and veg. I have laundry out on the line, hope it dries, forecast is for heavy showers later this afternoon.

The dresser in the kitchen where it is going to stand, not yet painted obviously.

Our LL will be here sometime this afternoon with the chap to service the burglar alarm and we have a viewing of the apartment tomorrow morning. I am keeping my fingers crossed. It would make our life easier financially if they manage to let the apartment for the 4 months.

Supper tonight egg and wedges, DB asked for chocolate cake for dessert, so thats what he will get.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Day 5

Bright sunshine, bed stripped and washed all out on the line.

The bottom of the dresser went over in the car this morning along with some of the smaller plants. the sitting room looks quite bare without the dresser in the corner.

I did not manage to put up the rail in the bathroom, I need a different screwdriver.

DB started cutting back the bushes at the side of the garden into a better shape, we put the base of the dresser where it will stand in the kitchen, I plan to start painting it on Wednesday.

It looked like rain so decided to come home and rescue my laundry, by the time we got here the clouds had passed and quite a breeze sprang up, so maybe I will get the sheets etc ironed as well, thats after I have had a Nana nap on the settee.

Supper tonight pasta in a sauce made from soft cheese and garlic spread with garlic bread. DB has opted to have a slice of chocolate cake for dessert.

DB has an INR appointment at the Drs tomorrow, we will fill the car with more plants and take them to the house, I will nip up to the market and do another couple of little jobs whilst he is getting that done, into Morrisons for a couple of things and then home for the rest of the day.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

More of the same.

I am not happy, was told it was going to rain at lunchtime, so did not strip the bed...and...its been sunny all day..........well bed will be changed tomorrow, if its wet the sheets etc will stay in the linen basket until the forecast if for a fine day.

Sorting out plants to go at the back of the border, will take them over sometime this week. Dresser is also in bits ready to go, hope to get the base coat of paint on either tomorrow or tuesday.

Found a stranger in the climbing beans, must have missed a bulbil when I emptied the pot, its a lily coming up.

Day Lily

Flowers on the hollyhock.

DD2 came with some strong bags for me this afternoon, I had made a chocolate cake so DB and DD2 had to quality test it, verdict, scrummy. Also did some scones, they are in the freezer for afternoon tea next week.

Just watching the mens final at wimbledon......Djokovic won, woo hoo!!!! I had just gone into the kitchen to serve up the supper and missed the end of the match......typical......

Roast pork, potato's, carrot, calebrese and peas, banana and ice cream for dessert.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Today is a rest day

No trips to the house today we are working here. DD2 is coming to help me pack the crystal that will go to the house on Monday and be stored out of the way under the stairs. Then the dresser can go and I can start to paint it.

We are going to sort out the tall plants that will go at the back of the border, a run to take them over and leave them on the patio, then DB can work at his own pace taking up the grass and digging the bed over, the plants can then go in leaving space where the clematis will go in the spring.

DB said last night he was surprised how much we had managed to move over the few days this week. So we may be visiting the house on alternate days next week.

It had rained over night but cleared up and a sunny but breezy day. We had a couple look at the apartment at lunchtime, it was not at its best but they had to take us as they found us. Hard to tell what they thought, will have to a wait developments.

Supper tonight liver and bacon with mash, carrots and peas. Banana and some raspberries for dessert with some hm ice cream. I also made another loaf, we were almost out of bread.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Friday, Day 4

Loaded up the car and a journey to the house, hung the curtains in the sewing/guest room and I have the table up and the machine on it, forgot to take the insert.

Stuff for a trip into the attic is on the landing, I have some stuff in the kitchen cupboard which can go up as well. will wait till we have taken the photograph albums over and then everything can go up at the same time.

Back to the apartment for lunch and a couple of hours rest before we take the rest of the contents of the sentry box and the stuff thats on the floor in the pantry, just leaving some cleaning stuff behind.

We met our neighbour this morning, he had been to Tesco grocery shopping, DB spoke to him first. They have no problem with us putting some trellis on the fence which is great. I put a note through the door yesterday asking if they would give us permission to do it. They are off later today on holiday for a few days.

Back from our second trip, now have curtains up at all the windows, and the shed is gradually filling up.

Having the weekend off, need to pack away the glassware from the dresser and the unit in the hall, will do that gradually over the next couple of days.

I could spit....DB found a paint kettle in the shed when he went in yesterday...typical. I went and bought one on Wednesday.

Fish and wedges for supper, banana and raspberry something for dessert with ice cream.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Day 3 and relax a bit

DB woke with palps in the night, he took his medication and they had gone off this morning, but no moving of boxes today. 3 book cases moved last night and N helped us empty the car.

I am waiting for a delivery this morning, once it arrives we will go to the house and I can get stuff onto the shelves from the floor and also sort out which are to be the food cupboards and get that stuff away too.

I need to pack the crystal from the top of the dresser so it can go over possibly Saturday,then I can paint it next week, must find the masking tape for the doors.

Its a pleasant day, a bit of a breeze should keep the temperature down, it was very close yesterday.

The garden devoid of pots, very large hebe and euronymous at the back will be getting a hair cut later in the year.

In the foreground a hebe that has obviously been in a pot, will clear the rootball and find somewhere for it to go. This bed needs clearing, digging over and compost put on.

Other end of the same bed, think we might use it for growing some salad stuff in the summer.

Another euronymous, need to have a good look at this and decide what to do, the grass will be lifted and a 9" trench filled with gravel at the side of the path. This is destined to be the herbaceous border

The 'thing in the niddle of the lawn is coming out, we will use grass from the back to fill in where it has been, the caravan will stand to the left and hide the bit of the wall where the rendering is coming off.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Day 2

A trip to the house this morning with a load from the sewing room, apart from my machine its clear now, so time to start on the pantry.

I got some pork slices out of the freezer, going to zap them in the pressure cooker with some beans, onion, carrot and tomato, enough for tonight with some rice, will freeze the rest for another day.

N is going to take the book cases over for us tonight, so I can get some stuff up off the floor.

I went on the way home and got 3 lampshades, a new bath mat and a curtain rail for the bathroom from Wilkos, then into Argos for the bathroom cabinet. Tried to charge me £49.99, oh no I ordered it last night for collection today at £19.99......eventually I got it for the aforementioned £19.99. It needs putting together, DS2 can do that when he comes next weekend.

I did Tuna mayo and cucumber sandwiches for lunch, we ate them in the garden, its been another lovely day. There was a chap doing an arboreal survey as part of the planning process. It took him all day.

Fell asleep reading in the garden, need to get the car loaded with most of the pantry, Will take the cleaning stuff I do not need here and put it in my corner of the shed.

Turning cooler after a really nice sunny warm day, so jumper on.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Day 1.

We packed the car last night for the first trip this morning.

Paper work signed, DD2 in tow off we went. Everywhere was clean and tidy the rooms bare. Car unpacked we sat and had a cup of tea in the garden. DD2 went off to Tesco, we set off for home and some lunch. We had discovered when we put the boiler on for hot water that the heating came on as well, so switched it off and reported it, the motorised valve needs replaced so its being done.

We went back with a second load and I also took some curtains hooks, we now have curtains up in the sitting room and bedroom, the velvet ones are in the bedroom, they were just too short for the sitting room window, one pair from the sitting room at the apartment are now up in the sitting room. The colour scheme is neutral so the duck egg blue looks fine. I have to get a short rail for the bathroom, one of the blue check curtains will go up there and I will make a tie back.

The chap came to look at the boiler and thermostat, both being done in the next few days.

We sat in the garden to drink our tea, I had taken two of the garden chairs, it looks very bare with all the pots gone, its not going to stay like that for long. Once we have cleared the sewing room and part of the kitchen the plants will be going over and if we get some rain they will be going in.

DB spent some time sweeping out the shed and putting some of his stuff in it, a lot of dust, he was coughing fit to bust at one stage.

Supper tonight, sausage mash and beans with vanilla cheesecake for dessert.

So the start of a busy month although we are having some days off and we are not moving stuff at the weekend.

Tomorrow evening Neil will take the bookcases over for us and we can put some of the stuff up off the floor. We are taking the step ladder over so I can have a look at the loft and see what we can get up there.