Saturday, 7 June 2014

What a day

Both daughters and a granddaughter descended on us this morning, tea and scones and a lot of chat, then lunch, beans on toast for 2, egg on toast for 2 and more tea.

After lunch a time to remember when they were little, holidays, playmates and many other subjects were covered and more tea drunk. DD1 had to pick DSIL up from Golf at 4pm and she wanted to go to Asda for some shopping first, so the party broke up around 2.30.

OH had gone off to play bowls, so I was on my own. It had rained briefly in the morning but after lunch the sun came out and the wet dried up.

I had to smile at the story in the papers this morning about the chap who took off and went to Normandy, what a game old chap he must be and good on him, I see a group of Paras were taking care of him on his way back and BF had given him a cabin......that is the spirit the younger generation are missing.

It turned into a nice afternoon, rian off, sun out and the ground dried up, I sat out reading for a while.

OH home early from bowls.


  1. What a day, indeed! How lovely to walk down Memory Lane (shades of New Tricks!) with beloved family members, especially over yummy morsels and tea. How nice your weather turned out, too.

    It's sunny and warmer here but I managed to join binding strips and press the black binding in half so it's rolled and ready to sew onto the small Eddystone Light wall quilt or table topper I made using the Marcue Bros. lovely pansy fabric. Yes, I feel a tad virtuous!

    Hope you and DB have a lovely evening and a good night's sleep, too.


  2. It was a nice day for you with your family. It helps the stress levels


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