Friday, 13 June 2014

We are waiting

For the offer from the agents....they posted it yesterday, no sign of it this morning, they could have walked up the road and put it through the letter box.

DB has been signed off by the cardiologist, his heart is not to blame for his dizzies, he has been discharged with beta blockers which he has to take 20 minutes after the palpitations have started and after 4 hours if they are persisting. The consultant was running 50 minutes late. The staff felt so sorry for us they made us a cup of tea.

I had a raging headache yesterday, thanks to the stress......We decided to go to the shop that sells the Annie Sloan chalk paint. I came home with a tin of old white paint and finishing wax to do the dresser for the kitchen. One of the first jobs to do when we get the keys, I can paint it in the kitchen  of the new house whilst its empty.

Last evening we went to have another look at the house and measure up to see which curtains I can use. Shame the ones I bought for here will be unused, I was so cross the letter re the demolition of the house came 4 days after I had put them up. I need to measure the curtains from the Haddington kitchen and see if I need to remake them. It was good to talk to N without the agents tapping her feet wanting to get away.

Spent the morning doing the Friday clean. OH was in the garden painting the small shed amongst other things.

Its very warm and sunny so lunch outside today.

Fish and potato wedges for supper, might also do some green beans. Banana and cream for dessert.


  1. Bless your heart! This upheaval is so unnecessary and it's a shame the people you have to deal with don't seem to care a flip about the worries and stress they're causing you and DB. Kindness matters.

    Hope the beta-blocker does it's job in handling the dds promptly. I've never heard of them being given only as needed. Interesting.

    Bother about the curtains but perhaps they can be put to another use. That's a lot of fabric. Can you hang them up behind your bed as some posh folks do for a pretty, cozy look?

    We're off soon for DH to go to the doctor to see if something cannot be done about his lingering Bell's Palsy symptoms.


  2. I'm wondering who is "N" ? I think I must have missed that somewhere.

    Shame about the curtains.

    Is the shed that OH was painting one that you're taking with you?

  3. Wow - 50 minutes late would be considered being seen quickly at the hospital I attend!
    Hope your letter arrives soon.

  4. N is the mother of the chap who owns the house. She has been staying there on a temporary basis waiting for workmen to finish in her new house. Yes the shed DB was painting is the one we are taking, he calls it the sentry box, its about the same size.


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