Thursday, 5 June 2014

The search goes on.

We have an appointment this afternoon to view a house which came to the market just yesterday, I was on the phone at 9am to make an appointment to view. Fingers crossed, we are also meeting the LL.

The rain cleared up over night, it keeps clouding over. I was still awake at 1am so made a cuppa and set the washer, so laundry on the line. I almost stepped on a slug on the kitchen floor...yyuukkkkk, Salt on its tail soon sorted that out, how it got in is anyone's guess.

We have an appointment at the LRI at 4.30 to see Dr Lakarni, I am not expecting anything new.

Supper tonight sausage, mash beans and gravy, no idea whats for dessert, a tin of fruit if the worst comes to the worst with the last of the ice cream I made last week.


  1. Fingers crossed about the house you're viewing today. Hope you'll post a happy-news update, or whatever.

    I really dislike late arvo appointments and always ask for late morning or early arvo. Hope there is helpful information from the doctor.

    Dinner sounds yummy!

    Oh, ta for sending the rain. We had a lovely rain falling for most of last evening!


  2. Oh that's so cruel putting salt on slugs, couldn't you have just put it outside?

    I wonder if you have ever heard of "Ahimsa" - you can google it. A practice that more of us should follow.


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