Sunday, 22 June 2014

The Morning After The Night Before

We had a late night last night, helping a friend celebrate in a virtual party, plenty to eat and drink and lots of laughter especially regarding a tall, dark, handsome pole supporting the roof of the barn we were virtually partying in.

No sore heads this morning despite the varied drink offered........

Another lovely day, DB sat in the garden and washed out all the pots we collected last week and piled them up to dry.

All these pots were donated by a freecycler who is also moving house

They have all been washed out and rinsed, some will have hostas potted up into them and  a couple of the bigger ones will have clematis in them and we will put bedding plants round the edge of the pots in summer.

I stripped the bed and washed the sheets and then did a load of coloureds, hopefully they will all dry. The laundry basket will be empty until we go to bed tonight!!

We had breakfast and lunch sitting out and maybe will also have our supper outside, soon be time for afternoon tea and cupcakes.

This is one of the clematis that will be in a pot, Comtess de Bouchard.

Hanging basket planted just a few weeks ago.
The next 3 pictures are off the 60+ pots we have planted up so far, we have another 15 plants to come out including the other clematis and a day lily which is almost in flower. Not forgetting the lupins campanula and foxgloves that are also in flower.

Quiet day today, busyish week coming up and then it will be all hell let loose.

Roast pork for supper and more of the chocolate cheese cake DD2 made for DB.


  1. Well done it readying the pots for the plants that need to still come out!! Your green thumbs are serving you well this season!

    it's cool but very humid here - 93% - and it seems it would have to rain if the humidity gets any higher.

    Hope you can enjoy the week ahead without dreading all to come thereafter. You can take your time with the move and perhaps that will help keep it from being too exhausting.


  2. You have such a beautiful collection of plants but I don't blame you for being very wary of putting them in the ground at your next home. What a great find getting the pots on freecycle. They look like they are in very good condition.

  3. Lovely flowers but my goodness 60 pots is such a lot to water and you've just got more! I hope your next house isn't on a water meter!

    Can you tell why you garden in pots and not in the ground? Is it to stop slugs eating your flowers?

  4. Your plants are lovely. The clematis is divine! I wish you the best with your upcoming move. Barb

  5. I love your hanging basket, such a strong colour. Your clematis is very pretty too. It is going to take several trips just to transport all the planted pots, but will be worth it in the end. Hopefully your new garden is going to be big enough to take all your plants.



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