Sunday, 1 June 2014


DB started with palpitations last night and still had them this morning, although they did clear around 10am.

We have spent a quiet day, I put laundry out on the whirly and it has dried, it was lovely and sunny so we sat out and had our lunch outside too. DD2 and DGD came after lunch for a while. We had a quick run out and dropped them home, stayed with them for a cuppa, home to cook the supper.

Roast chicken, roast spuds, carrots, cauli, calebrese....we had fruit in jelly with ice cream for dessert. I sold the small machine yesterday so its packed up ready to be collected and also some peel off stickers for card making. All the money has gone into the moving account. I need £2500 minimum, would like more if I can manage it.

Busy week coming up.


  1. Are you definitely moving? I don't think you told us the results from the bat investigation. Or have you decided to move on now anyway?

    Good luck with your house hunting but my goodness £2500 sounds a lot, we moved at the beginning of the year, 150 miles with a huge amount of stuff ( full size removal van) and our removal company charged us £350. We did our own packing to keep the costs low.

  2. What a bother about the palps, but am glad they went away.

    Cheers that the 2nd sewing machine sold!

    I, too, am stunned by the cost of moving across town and feel your pain in having to pay that amount twice in a year. Grrrrrrrrrr at your LL again!



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