Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Summer is here?

Very bright sunny morning, more plants lifted and potted up. Ironing done and the sewing room dismantled, I just have to empty the ?airing cupboard. Most of the stuff thats in there will eventually go in the attic, which we are told is partly floored.

I need to take down the curtains in the sewing room, they are going at the living room window, I also need to look for the bedroom curtains, they can go up as well.

We need to investigate whats on the top of the wardrobe in the hall apart from the new summer quilt I bought a few weeks ago which we have not put on the bed yet. Investigated the top of the wardrobe and found all the curtains I was looking for....hall floor is now a real mess as is the sewing room, hope no one want to come and stay the night.

Decided to have mince and tatties for supper tonight, I bought strawberries from the market yesterday, we might have a few with some ice cream for dessert. I had porridge this morning with milk on and all seems to be well, so gradual re-introduction of dairy to the diet.

Cheese sandwich for lunch, so far all is well, although I am very tired, might just put my head down for half an hour.

Tomorrow I have a shop to do at Aldi, getting enough staples to last us a month, fresh fruit and veg from the market on Tuesday after we have picked up the keys.

OH has spent some time sitting in the garden this afternoon reading, he is going quite brown.


  1. Cheers for finding the curtains that you wanted to locate as it's always nice not to have to wrack your brain for where things might be! You might want to spread the word that Chez Arthur is closed until further notice. :)

    I'm glad you're on the mend but are being wise about easing back into real food and real life.

    Hang in there!


  2. I spent ages in the garden yesterday but slathered on the factor 50, I would burn to a crisp otherwise. I am only half unpacked and can not face the thought of moving again too soon. I have decided to stay in this house for a year rather than the planned 6 months.

    1. Pam, I can fully understand you not wanting to move again so soon, believe me its going to be a considerable effort for me to do this a second time in less than 6 months. You are being very sensible taking your time, you will be able to find just the right house for you.

  3. You are coping so well with your two moves in quick succession, I would be tearing my hair out I think.
    Take Care


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