Saturday, 28 June 2014

Soggy Saturday

It was very overcast and drizzly when we got up. A much better night sleep, I closed the window so we could not hear our upstairs neighbours cat yowling at 3am to be let in as is its want, slept right through.

As I was hors de combat on Monday and out yesterday we cleaned the whole apartment as best wee could this morning. DB likes pushing the dyson and as he could not go out into the garden I left him to it. I think as we will be moving stuff out over the next 4 weeks a Saturday clean is probably the way to go. Although the guest room/sewing room will get cleaned once its empty and the door shut. so I will just have to flick a duster round and push the dyson over the carpet when the apartment is empty.

Had a great time with my friend yesterday afternoon, she had got me a large ball of Aran wool from Leicester market, I started to knit a waistcoat last night for the winter, I can wear it over a long sleeved shirt, I like layers in the winter. I need something to keep my fingers busy whilst I cannot sew.

The rain cleared just after lunch so DB spent some time out in the garden, once we have all our plants out we will just leave it for nature to take over. Loaf of bread in the bread maker, my digital scales battery ran out so I had to go back to my old weight scales for once.

Supper tonight grilled gammon, fried eggs tomato and fried bread, cholesterol loaded but its once in a blue moon anyway. Strawberries and cream for dessert.


  1. As usual, you are so organised with regards your house cleaning routine, and I know this apartment will be cleaner when you move out than it was when you moved in. Must agree, plenty of layers during the cold winter months do help to keep the body warmer, so an Aran waistcoat will not only be cosy but smart too. How thoughtful of your friend.
    We must be fortunate at the moment as we don't have the rain that is pouring down at Wimbledon, so we are having to water our gardens once again.


  2. Hi, Your supper sounds yummy, I love fried eggs and fried bread naughty, but oh so nice, once in awhile. All men seem to like vacuuming, my hubby does it willing but not much other housework. Though in his defence, he is good at DIY and repairs when I can get him started !!! haha. Would love to see a piccy of your waistcoat, when you have finished. Kathy x

  3. What a good way to spend a wet morning and now that the cleaning is finished, you can relax and enjoy a job well done!

    I, too, love layers of cozy clothes in the winter time and your new waistcoat will be just the ticket for being warm! What color is the wool? I'm so glad you and your friend could get together yesterday!

    Yes, your dinner sounds delicious and I think that all foods, no matter the calorie or cholesterol count, can be enjoyed every once in a while!

    It's sunny and hot here and we need rain again.


  4. Re,. your visit on Friday . A lovely afternoon as usual.
    Thank you for the magazines and knitting pattern


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