Thursday, 19 June 2014

So Now We Know

I went on the agents letting agents web site late last night and low and behold 3 of the 5 apartments in the house advertised.

All have had their rent reduced by £100 a month with a 4 month short term lease starting with ours available from 4th August. There has to be an offer on the house and land somewhere in the equation.

Its a dull morning, I have put washing out to dry, no high hopes of it drying but you never know.

DB is washing the bird lime off the roof of the caravan, it has stained it so we need to go over it with teecut and see if we can get it off. That the problem storing it under trees.

A quick trip out this afternoon to collect some more plant pots someone has offered me.

Supper tonight gammon and salad I need to use up some new potato.s so we will have them as well.

I should point out that if the agents do manage to let the house from the beginning of August we will not be liable for the August rent, which will be a relief.

After the fiasco yesterday the woman rang back this afternoon re the mixer and is on her way to collect it, I hope she is not going to try and beat me down on the price!!


  1. Your LL is a disgrace. How can she do this and reduce the rent by £100 per month. I can still see no reason why you have to pay rent on her flat when she is hoping to re let it during that time. If someone rents it from 4th August, that will mean she is getting 2 lots of rent for one apartment. Disgusting behaviour. I sincerely hope nobody takes up the 4 months in all 3 apartments of the house and they are left empty.

  2. There seems to be no limit to that LL's audacity, greed, and disregard for her tenants - current and future. Why are the letting agents willing to advertise these flats?

    Wonder if you can pay $100 less in August as that's the advertised rent?

    As annoying as it is to have to move again, methinks you and DB will be glad to be out of there, away from all the uncertainty, and far from the whims of that flaky LL.

    Hope you have good books and hand work to keep you happily busy.

    It's another hot day here with storms possible later. I'm on a quest for the right border fabric in my stash. If you can believe it, I didn't find a suitable fabric yesterday.


  3. Why shouldn't the landlady let the apartments again? She isn't deceiving anybody, you've given notice and she's clearly stating it's for a 4 month short lease.

    She is in business so of course she advertises them again, 3 apartments at £??? a month x 4 months, she'd wouldn't be a very astute businesswoman if she wasn't advertising them again.

    Short term lets are usually cheaper than long term lets.

    You're obviously very bitter towards her, why don't you simply let it go, you've found another place and given notice. What is the point of continually griping about her, egged on by your commenters.

    Can I remind you, when you first found that apartment the landlady was truly wonderful, just the same as your landlords in the past, then you're full of bile and bitterness for one reason or another and you're moving house again. Granted, this time it's for a different reason but is it necessary to be so full of bile?

    Can you remind us just why did you leave the other places you've stayed? I've been reading your blog (s) for quite some time but I've lost track of how many times you've moved.

    Cultivate a little grace and stop the constant harping, move on and you may at last be settled.

    1. Who the heck are you anonymous! Have you ever rented privately? Some landlords are greedy, they let you sign up for leases that they know they will terminate at the first renewal date. Although, in the spirit of the law this is legal it can cause heartache when they are not up front about it.
      My father who lives on his own was caught out like this when he was in his eighties. Dad had only been in the property five months and the landlady had decided on a whim to sell as she saw house prices going up. ........BUT even she had the grace to blush (she had never met my father as the property had been let out by agents) when she was introduced to my dad by a neighbour with "this is the elderly gentleman you are putting out."
      Back to you anonymous, I am sure that I speak for a number of followers and wonder why you say such nasty things to a lovely blogger who allows us to share her life with its ups and downs (as life always is).

  4. Sounds like you know all about letting houses, Anonymous. As you say, she is in business, but hopefully, not for much longer. The present renters ought to make sure their rent is lowered by £100 per month.

  5. Anonymous,

    Perhaps you haven't been visiting long enough to know this LL rented to these fine folks without telling them she had plans to apply for the building to be demolished before their 6 mo. lease was up. When you're on retirement income, affording two moves within a year is a real hardship. This situation IS the LL's fault and is a bitter pill to swallow.

    Perhaps you should cultivate a little grace and stop dumping on others. Choosing to be anonymous should tell you something about yourself, too. Have a bit of a think about that.

  6. Blimey Anonymous!! Have you been sucking on a lemon!!! No need for that sort of comment. Don't read this blog if that's the way you feel.
    If it wasn't for the LL not being honest in the first place you wouldn't have to move again and besides what business is it of anyone why you have moved in the past, we all lead different lives. Most of your readers, Blondie blue eyes, enjoy your daily writings, and we don't hide behind 'Anonymous'!!!

  7. Anonymous, why have you crawled out of your hole again? Crawl back into it And put a big rock over yourself. You surface every couple of months and spew out your bile and then disappear again. What's up, have the few friends you have, had enough of you again? for want of a better saying, Sod Off!

  8. Anonymous, you should take your own advise and 'Cultivate a little grace ' Nd move on'. It's pretty sad that you must thrive on all the negative attention you get from your comments. Is it that negative attention is better than no attention? You really are pathetic!!

  9. Anonymous, what a horrid individual you are. This blog is for people who enjoy reading it which I do daily. If you don't like it push off.... you are not wanted here.
    Maggie xx

  10. As I've said previously trolls like you anonymous are small minded people who live very small lives - why don't you just for once try being like a normal person and put your name to your nasty sneering comments, so that we can really see who you are.........but then again that would probably be too much for your tiny mind to undertake. Anne - you a special lady - don't let this idiot upset you - they're really not worth it - oh and troll - just in case you still don't understand what myself and all these lovely bloggers are saying to you - BOG OFF!!!


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