Thursday, 12 June 2014

Sick to Death of Jobsworths

Absolutely fed up, LL sent in her reference, now the aggents have raised a query on something else. I am sick and tired of the whole damn thing. No confirmation by tonight they can take a running jump.

DB has an appointment with the hospital this morning, if its the same Dr we saw last time I am out of there he was useless. He was supposed to make an appointment for DB to have a type of scan and did not do it. We only got an appointment when DB rang to find out when he was getting the scan done.

Very depressed.


  1. So sorry-keeping you in my prayers for a good resolution to this.

  2. Be brave, we all know you have gone through such an unsettling time lately. Wherever you live in the future it will come right. Some of the doctors at the hospitals are useless; have you thought of sending in an official complaint? honestly, the managers hate it when you do that, but something usually gets done, and you will be helping others in the long run. You always sound like a very 'get it done' sort of lady and I admire that, so, deep breath, and look towards tomorrow. Lots of love Andie xxxx

  3. Sending you some hugs {{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}.
    Myra, from Winnipeg, Canada where we have a lovely, sunny, 20C, breezy day.

  4. Hope things come right for you soon - that LL needs shooting for how they're treating you Hugs from me xxxx

  5. Hugs and positive thoughts and prayers for this situation to all be settled for you very soon - all this uncertainty is extremely unsettling and hard to live through. xxx

  6. Sorry about the rough patch you are going through fingers crossed that things will come good for you soon. xx


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