Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Raining Again.

I was up early this morning, blood test at 8. 30. DB up when I got back. 

It's a very dull morning, was hissing down when I went out, not quite so heavy now, but it's set to last all day.

We went on house viewing last night, nice house but filthy, it also had quite a bit of damage and needed decorating. We have 2 more to see today, one is a bungalow, the other a house. Dd2 is not keen on where the house is. I spoke to the agents re last nights visit.
Would like to do a return visit, he said they would arrange an inspection to look at the points I raised.

Chicken pasta for supper with garlic bread. I did a bread and butter pudding yesterday there is enough for dessert tonight. I will pick the chicken carcass and see if there is enough meat for a chicken pie with mash instead of pastry.


The viewing of the bungalow was cancelled, the house was rubbish, they had taken a piece off the sitting room to make a downstairs bathroom with no windows.....strange, So not a sucessful day at all.


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry that the viewings you've had have been disappointing. How can agents show filthy homes? Isn't part of the service the owners pay for is having a good clean done? I'm still hoping and praying that the perfect home for you and DB will be there for you in time for your deadline.

    Dinner sounds delicious!

    Again we could use rain if you'd send it our way. Ta!


  2. So much disappointing news. I do hope something good turns up. The only good thing at the moment is that you have time on your side.
    Love Sylvia

  3. Perhaps there was someone who became unable to use the stairs to the bathroom?

    Bathrooms without windows aren't that uncommon, new build terrace type houses often don't have a window, same for the master bedroom ensuite. Not a problem with extractor fans built in. It just seems strange if you've always been used to having a window.

    We've just had a few days away and our hotel bedroom was ensuite, it didn't have a window, it didn't seem strange at all, many ensuites don't have windows.

    1. Totally agree. It's almost the norm in North America not to have a bathroom window. We don't have one in our main bathroom and the small one that my son uses. My ensuite, however does!. I just realized that my best friends house is exactly the same.

    2. Same here and nothing strange about it at all! Neither our bathroom or master bedroom ensuite have windows. The downstairs washroom doesn't have a window either!


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