Friday, 27 June 2014


Woke up to rain this morning, so no watering needed tonight, the garden needs water. We are just hand watering the pots now. The bit of garden that DB dug out first is now almost wild.

Off shortly to see DD1 and my quilting guru, then a visit to get my bridge repaired. Will not be back until around 6pm, if then.

DB had a quick visit to the opticians this morning, the screw fell out of his glasses last night, so I had to do a quick repair with needle and thread, worked ok, I have done it before as an emergency measure.

I have emptied all but one of the cupboards in the guest/sewing room, its all in boxes or crates ready to go Tuesday morning, I have to remember to leave the craft box behind for the sale on 11th July. We get the stall for free, so nothing lost, hoping to sell a bit.

Fish and wedges for supper tonight with strawberries and cream to follow.


  1. I hope you had a delightful day out and about, visiting with family and a dear friend, and that supper is an easy fix so you'll soon be settled in your chair with your feet up. It's good that such full days don't come along very often, isn't it?

    Today I hope to piece a backing for my Nancy Drew quilt as I've decided to use the almost 2 yards of blue silhouette fabric and all of the leftover strips together. Yesterday I cut down the length of the blue fabric and today will press leftover strips and piece them all together. I think I'll have to add long vertical strips on each side of the Chinese Coin strips (horizontal) so it will be wide enough. The quilt is 50" wide.


  2. I was also at the dentist this morning, getting a filling. Not my favourite visit!!
    Best of luck with your sale of work on 11th July. Someone is going to be lucky to buy your work. Hope you have fun with your quilting friend this afternoon. We havn't had rain, but my, how cold it has turned.



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