Monday, 9 June 2014


It was a lovely morning when we got up, two loads of washing on the line to dry.

The estimator came to give us a quote for moving, when she had gone we went on the bus into the town to change our library books. We sat outside to eat our lunch. OH decided to empty another of the containers ready to treat the wood, and on one replace the leg which had given way.

I made a cup of tea and just as we were about to drink it the sky went black, a quick rush to get the laundry in, not too wet, just slightly damp which is ok for the sheets etc, they iron better then they are damp.

It has been hissing down for the best part of an hour, we have also had several rolls of seems to be lightening up a bit just now.

Supper tonight mushroom fritatta and salad with some more of the rhubarb and apple sponge for dessert.

Tomorrow OH has a video swallow test at LRI.


We had very heavy rain for about an hour, then it cleared up and its bright, sunny and warm again,


  1. I hope the estimates you get for this move are reasonable, unlike in previous house moves.

    It's hot and sunny here and we still need rain. Good job getting your laundry mostly dry before your rain came. I hope to get a whirly this summer as yours seems so handy and I love the fresh-air scent for laundry. I still have clothes pins so am ready.

    Will confess that I don't care for mushrooms or rhubarb so won't be over for dinner.


  2. We had a great day. No rain at all. Lots of outside work done. I don't know how you DH can get so much done outside. Send him over to NI on a holiday


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