Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Rain Forecast

According to the forecast we were die rain at 11am, wonder what happened, it quite bright and warn, a bit of a breeze blowing.

News from Tessas Mum late last night to say that her husband had a heart attack and was in hospital. message this morning is that her husband had a decent night, she is going in later with her daughters.

We switched off the alarm last night, nothing really to get up for, just more of the same. It was 8.30 when we woke. DB has spent some more time in the garden, he has been putting soft brushwood killer on the convolvulous which is steadily climbing and twining round my clematis has been potted up, its was ot doing much so its out.

I started sorting my sewing room, the machine is packed away and I have started to clear the book shelves, I want to dismantle the table, it will be in the first car load to go when we get the keys.

Toad in the hole with veg for supper, the last of the peaches for dessert, bread maker is on with a granary loaf, hope it turns out ok, fingers crossed.

I need to have a whinge,  last week I put my kenwood mixer and its 3 attachments in the paper with a photo. Its two years old and I have only used it twice, so it needs to go to a good home I put £150ovno on it, the mixer on it own is now £200. Each day people have rung me up about it, I was asked if I would accept £75 for it by one of our aisian brothers, I think he thought I came in n the last banana boat. Others asked what my lowest price was and then rang off. Today a lady rang, oh yes I want it, I need to ask my husband how to get to you, I'll ring you later, she left her phone number. DB phoned to see if she was still coming....Oh no she says I need to persuade the children to buy me an early Christmas present!!! Well sorry lady but its not still for sale. I'll keep the blessed thing.

I was hoping it would sell and give me enough money to pay cash for the removers, now I will have to put half of it on the credit card until the deposit money comes in. AAARRRGGGHHHHHH they will charge me 2% over the odds..........I could spit!!


  1. Isn't it nice to have a morning every once in a while when there is nothing that needs to be done so you can sleep in a bit! It's good, too, that you can take your time in steadily packing and not have to rush with that either.

    I'm sorry to hear of your friend's husband's heart attack and I wish him well.

    It's hot and sunny here today so it's a good day to be busy indoors. I've nearly finished another little wall quilt but keep having ideas so may make very small Log Cabin blocks for the corners of the outer border. Stay tuned!


  2. Our temp today has been 29C. Why go to Spain. Lol
    It's nice to have time to do your packing.

  3. Good wishes for your friend's husband. As for your mixer, I should hang on to it. I think everyone must watch the antique programmes every day on tv where they never pay full price for anything. Stick to your guns for the price you want.
    Good luck with your up-coming move. For once, it was warmer here than London!!



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