Sunday, 15 June 2014

Please read

Thank you to those of you who have suggested how we could get out of paying the rent for the month after we move out.

The lease is a legal document and it is stated there in that if the rental is terminated before the end of the 6 month period the remainder of the rent to that date MUST be paid. It is enforceable in law. Both solicitor and CAB have endorsed this. It is our choice that we are moving before the end of the lease and we are liable for the rent up to that point regardless of what is happening.

Yes we could cancel the standing order and make her take us to the small claims court, but that would mean an entry against our credit rating which would stay for 6 years. We have an excellent credit rating and an entry would bar us from renting another property, if we needed to, in the future.

We do appreciate that people are angry on our behalf and are looking for ways to help us, but that is the situation.

Yes we could have waited until the beginning of August and started looking then. The rental market in Melton is very buoyant and properties are going at a fast rate. We liked this house and where it is, could afford it and so we bit the bullet.

We need to be out and settled, this time we know for sure that it is a long term let and it has been written into the contract.


  1. It is such a shame about the legal situation, but as you are now so unhappy staying there, you are probably making the right decision. At least you know you have this new house on a long term let, so hopefully, you ought to be there for a very long time. Glad you are both happy with the house, and I wish you every good wishes once you are moved in.
    Take care,

  2. Annoying though it is think you have made the right decision you don't want to go down the small claims court route it would only give you unwanted stress. Just look forward to enjoying your new home. Maggie x

  3. It's still shameful that LL is allowed to threat her tenants so shabbily and selfishly.

    Will the new contract allow you to leave anytime after the first year if you find a flat without a staircase? That should be reasonable since everyone knows that stairs can become problematic as age advances. Just a thought.

    Your new LLs won't believe how beautiful your new home and garden will soon be under your skillful care!


  4. I wish you both the very best, may things go smoothly for you.
    It will be nice to be settled and know that you are in your new home for the long term.
    It is good that this is happening in summer and not the dark days of winter.
    You will soon be feeling better.
    My good wishes go with you.
    Pam in TX.xx

  5. You are doing exactly the right thing in moving, even though as you say, you will have to pay a months rent. The rental market at the moment is booming my daughter in law could have rented out her flat many times over. If you had stayed right up to the wire you might have felt pushed into taking a place that was not quite what you wanted. ....... Really glad to hear that you have a long term let written into your contract and you have found somewhere you like.

  6. Glad you found something. Things may be tight but you and Edwin will make lemonaide out of the lemons thrown at you. I understand about the credit issues. I think you have done the best thing in getting out and finding something you could enjoy. Your plants are such travelers too.

  7. Good luck with your move. It's nice to see someone who cares about their integrity and credit rating. We are landlords and I can tell you there aren't very many tenants like you that pass our way. We treasure tenants like you!


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