Monday, 30 June 2014

On the Brink

This time tomorrow we will have signed our lives away once again and have the keys to our new house.

DB & I have already had one spat this morning, I retired hurt and did not speak to him for all of 2 minutes.

The car is packed with the first lot of essentials that need to go, the two bookcases in the sewing room are empty, so Neil can take them when he has time.

I have been having some problems with my shoulders using the table for the sewing machine, yesterday I went on line and found this:

 Its called the hide away, it folds flat when not in use and if you want extra length on the table at the side of you. Works on a similar principle to the table we have in the caravan. I have raided my pocket money account, got it reduced on offer, and should be with me in 2 days. I did not intend to buy it just now but the offer was for June only, so bit the bullet. Made by horn its a very sturdy alternative to a cabinet. Reminds me a bit of the table I had with my knitting machine years ago.

A nice morning, laundry out on the whirly, should dry ok. most of the plants except the clematis and one lupin are out of the ground now and we will start and move them over next week. OH wants to take the stuff for the shed, so we might have just a single trip Saturday morning.

Next week is going to be a busy one, DB has his INR test and then we are going to Stamford to meet Morgan and her husband to hand over jigsaws, hope all goes well this time. We are also taking a stall on the Friday market, see if we can get rid of some of the stuff we have. I might get a bit more for my quilted stuff than at a boot fair.

DB went into town at lunch time to take his books back and pick up one for me.

I am fizzing, I rang virgin to cancel our TV etc from 30th of July, they told me I have to pay a £200 bill because I was in an 18 month contract. The fact that I have to cancel the service because they cannot supply me with service at our new address does not have anything to do with the situation, they still want the charges for the remainder of the contract,  they have broken the contract, they cannot supply me with a service. I am so mad.........robbing b's. Apparently I did not have to sign anything because it was a verbal contract made over the phone its binding!!aarggggghhhhhhhhhh do not have anything to do with either virgin or sky they are robbers. Sky cut us off early from our broadband contract when we moved here and left me high and dry, I had to use BTfon for 2 weeks.


  1. It's horrid what those companies have done to you! Arggggh!!! I hope others in your area will take heed of this and divert their business from these bandits if there are options. Where we live we have few options and that makes things hard. Either you pay what they want or you do without. Good Luck with your move. It will be behind you soon and things can begin to settle down for you. BTW, I love the sewing looks very sturdy and user friendly. Best Wishes....Barb

  2. It made all the difference to move the sewing machine lower so my forearms are parallel to the floor. I could adjust the chair a little but not high enough to use a machine on a regular table even if slanted. Great that it is foldable too.

  3. Love your new sewing table and I hope it helps you sew without shoulder pain. Good find!!!

    Sorry stress is making things difficult in every direction. A pox on the cable companies! It is strange that virgin cannot provide service for you at your new home since you're moving merely 4 miles away. I hope there is a satisfactory solution.

    Hang in there, my friend, a day at a time, you and DB will get it done - with the help of family and friends.

    Big hugs!

  4. After agreeing to the deal on the phone you will have received your contract documents in the mail. There is a "cooling off" period where you could have cancelled the contract within so many days if you had changed your mind after reading the contract and its small print.

    You did read the contract? They do state that the contract isn't transferable to a different address. Something to think about if you're intending to move again within the contract period.

    1. To Anonymous. They didn't know they would be moving again within the contract period.

    2. Wow, Anonymous aren't you amazing, an expert in contracts as well as a verbal pain in the arse. Hopefully you will lend out your crystal ball, then if any problems are to arise in future, we will all be forewarned!!!! Now, f**k off back under your stone and stay there.

    3. Personally I couldn't see anything wrong with the anonymous comment, contracts do indeed have a cancellation period. I don't know why some people jump in with replies to comments in such a way, slagging off someone for making a perfectly reasonable comment. I'm sure the writer of this blog wouldn't have published it if she thought it wasn't reasonable, she's said in the past she'll delete unwanted comments. I was a little surprised she left in the foul mouthed rant however!

  5. Oh my goodness, I'm really surprised that you published the above comment written by lah2563. Not very ladylike by the commenter or you.

    I find that those who resort to swearing are inarticulate in the English language. It's uncouth and totally uneccessary.

    Ive enjoyed visiting here but I'm sorry I won't be here again, I can do without reading foul language.

    1. Dear Gwen, as far as Anonymous is concerned, polite conversation doesn't work. I'm sorry you feel you have to stop reading this blog because of my comment. As to the foul language, I did use asterisks, your own mind put in the word. As for saying I am uncouth and inarticulate in the English language, I shall ask my A level students if they think the same.


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