Sunday, 8 June 2014

More Sunshine

Its been another very sunny day. We were to get rain after lunch but it has not arrived.

I did a quick shop at Morrisons this morning, I was quite surprised I had a bag full of shopping for just under £9. When I compare it with what I got for £12 at Tesco the other week I was pleasantly surprised.

When we move I will do a months shop at Aldi and a top up for fresh fruit and veg at the market and then use Morrisons for anything else. Just now I am trying to run down the pantry so we do not have so much to move over. We are going to have almost a month to complete moving plants etc over before the furniture is moved.

OH spent time digging up plants and potting them up ready to go to their new home.

It has clouded over and I think we will soon have the rain.

Supper is on, roast pork, roast potaos, carrots, green beans, gravy. I made an apple and rhubarb sponge for dessert, will do us 3 nights for dessert,


  1. It sounds like you and DB have had a delightful day that's a nice rest from your busy day yesterday. As always, your dinner sounds delicious, too.

    It's a quiet but very sunny, warm day here. I had a pleasant phone visit with my friend in TX and hope to soon join the binding ends on the wall quilt. Then will press the binding toward the quilt front and intend to machine quilt that down. Black fabric, black thread, and a black background on the backing fabric so it should not look bad. I hope!

    We have a chance for rain later today and this evening and it would be nice if we got an hour or more of gentle rain.


  2. We had a nice day as well. I had a gift voucher for nandos.
    I hope the LL. Does not give you any bother when you move.

  3. Lovely weather here again yesterday, but overcast with some rain forecast today (Mon). We have our choice of supermarkets round here including Aldi, Morrisons, Asda (a very small branch) FarmFoods and Iceland. Our Tesco is slightly out of town but even if it wasn't further away than the others it would be my last choice; they are much dearer for most things than all the others. My first preferences are Aldi and Morrisons. Our Aldi is closed until Thursday this week after a big rebuild to make a bigger store. We got a flyer from them through the door with £5 coupons so I shall do a stock up of toilet paper and few more bits once the dust has settled from the first few days of their reopening. Are you definitely moving to the house you posted about earlier? It looked lovely. Hope all goes well, love Helen x

  4. You do seem to do an awful lot of laundry! You mentioned washing on Thursday, Friday and again today. That seems rather frequent for 2 people, do you take in laundry for your children perhaps?


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