Tuesday, 10 June 2014

More Sun

Another sunny and very warm day, it did cloud over a couple of times, but it has been great.

I washed towels and bath mats this morning. Whilst I am on the subject of laundry, Anon asked if I took washing in as I seemed to do a lot for two people...the answer is no I wash approx once every 10 days, either a white or coloured load, The bed gets changed every other week and I change the bath towels then too. The towels that were referred to on the whirly last week were the towels from our twice daily shower, which I like to put out on sunny days to freshen up. I will probably not wash again until late next week, depending on the state of the dirty laundry bin, its most likely to be coloureds.

DB went for his video swallow, nothing....so I have to put up with him choking and just die of fright. We have decided he is going for no more tests either for his dizzys or palps. We know that there will never be a satisfactory outcome, so why waste money that could be spent on someone who will benefit. Apart from anything else, it has cost a fortune in diesel and car parking fees.

We did have a small treat on the way home. I needed to call into Dunelm for a new filter for the water jug, we had two cups of tea, a cinnamon and Belgian bun, we cut the buns in half so we had a taste of each. I also got a new shoe rack which goes in the base of the wardrobe to put shoes on and free some space on the floor.

Lazy supper tonight, chicken kievs, salad and potato wedges, more of the apple and rhubarb sponge for dessert. There will be enough left for tomorrow. We will be eating at lunch time as we are out for coffee and cake tomorrow evening at DD2's Meeting up with a niece in law that I have not seen since she was about 3. She is now in her 40's.

OH is out painting wood preservative on the wooden planters, at the moment it just seems to be soaking in, so they are looking an interesting colour.

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  1. What a nice day there and I agree about your decision about ongoing medical tests for DB since it seems they are never helpful. Why bother?

    Good decision to have a treat while you were heading home from the swallowing test.

    AMIL had a good appt with the sleep doctor and will not return for 6 mo. which is a couple of weeks before Christmas (YIKES!). It must be time to get going on the gift projects!

    Please send rain!



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